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About Best Earphone Under 1000 In India - Which You Should Have To Know Before Buying Your New One!

Earphone Makes Our Life Easy, Comfortable & Personalised To Stay Hands-Free With Continuous Entertainment. Today In Indian Market Earphone Over-flooded By Various Top Brands. Choosing The Best Earphone Under 1000 Is A Kind Of Challenge.

Well, If You Don’t Know About Best Earphone Brand In India. You Can Read Our Best Earphone Brand In India. Also Read About Best Earbud Brand In India Before Purchasing Your New Pair Of Earbuds. If You are Confused to Select Best Earphone, Than You can Also Checkout Our Earphone Buying Guide Blog.

An Earphone Should Have The Best Noise Cancellation, High Bass With The Best Sound Driver, Tangle-Free & Durable Wires And Easy Connectivity With Multiple Devices. Most Important Brand Should Deliver Best Customer Service.

If You Have A Budget Of 1000 INR, You Can Find The Best Earphone Of Top Brands On A Less Budget. Also, It Is Very Simple To Get All Required Features On An Earphone. Here You Will Know About Those Earphone Which Is The Best Selling & Popular Among Public. Earphone Should Be Crafted With Trendy Design And Have All The Latest Technology & Advance Features Which Should Give You The Best User Experience.

I Am Also A Music Freak And Used To Experience Various Kind Of Music Devices. I Researched A Lot To Find The Best Earphone Under 1000. Here Earphone, You Can See Below, Has Been Shortlisted Based On Customer Feedback Reviews & Rating, Brand Promise, Which Should Be An Actual On-Ground Reality, Quality & Specification.

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Sony MDR - AS210 Active Sports

MI 25083 Wired in Ear Earphone with Mic Earphones

JBL C200SI by Harman Super Deep Bass

Skullcandy Jib Wired In-Earphone With Mic

Let's Know More About Sony MI JBL SkullCandy Earphones

First In Our List Of Best Earphone Under 1000 In India is Sony MDR – AS210 Active Sports. This is Especially designed for athletes and Sport’s Freak as you see its seductive looks. With Ear Hanger It really looks cool and comfortable fit for your ear also.

In This Earphone, 13.5 mm bass boosted audio driver unit installed. Hence, You can Feel The Thrill of bass with every beat. If You are Serious Sports Freak Than This Earphone may freak out you. You can Hear Every Details of sound Like, Mids, High, bass, and Another Kind Of Sound Played on Various Frequencies. Therefore, It’s Sound is Very Crispy and Clear.

This is Possible Only Due to It’s Amazinf Frequency range with deep sensitivity. As On Scale Of hertz, You can Measure It’s Frequency range From 17 Hz to 22000 Hz. Whereas, It’s Sensitivity is 104 dB/mW. If You are feel about sensitivity and frequency range like alien Term. Than You Should Checkout our Earphone Buying Guide to Better Understand It.

It’s Acoustic Design is Open, So that Sound Flow in and out via back side of Earcups. Therefore, You can Hear More Natural Sound. Because This Earphone has been desined for sports centric customer. Sony Cares About Water & Sweat Resistance. Here Sony Use IPX Water Rsistance Technology to make this Earphone Ready For Rain, Sweat or Spray.

It’s 1.2 Metre Long Cable will Give you flexibility in movement while running, exercise and other pysical activity. Additionally, you will get three different sizes of eartips. Apart, Sony gives You One Year Warranty On This Earphone.


13.5 mm Dynamic Sound Driver

Wide Range Of Frequency Covrage (17 Hz - 20k Hz)

Ear-hanger Featured

Easy Customer Service


Bulky Shape & Structure

Build Quality is Not So Strong

2. MI 25083 Wired in Ear Earphone with Mic

As You Know, MI is Popular Brand in India. Especially, King in Budget Tech Products. As You Search On Amazon About Dual driver Earphone. Amazon Categories This Earphone as Amazon Choice. Rather, MI Launched an Earphone MI 25083 Wired in Ear Earphone with Mic Under 1000. Thus, People Also Experienced It’s Features and Quality & Gives This Earphone Huge Love. There are 14012 People who Rated 4.1 Star Out Of 5 Star.

The Dual Dynamic Driver Structure give an Excellent Quality of Sound Experience in Comparison to Single Dynamic Sound Driver, You usually see Earphone in Market. This Dual Driver delivers rich bass & crisp treble For Clearly and Efficiently. Because powerful 10 mm and 8 mm Installed in This Earphone, It also ensures you about low distortion and focus on all kind of frequencies, encoded in audio files, which delivers a complete natural sounds.

Apart, In Single Driver Earphone Decoded Only Single Frequency at a Time. Hence, Unable To Focus On Mids and Highs At a Time. Mi Offers You Superior Instrumental and Separation On Multiple frequencies and enthralling vocals. If You want to Listen EDM, The Earphone Driver Best to Provide Rich bass Complementing The Highs and Mids. Additionally, It has Magnetic Earbuds, which will helps you to Easy & Effortless For Storage and Hanging On Neck.

Ther are a In-line Remote Control which helps you to make operations simple while hands-free. There are three button present on remote which will help you to do activate virtual assistant ( Google, Alexa, Siri, etc.), pick and Drop Calls, Volume Up & Down and Others. Remote ontrol is Made up Of Hard Plastic. Hence, It’s Build Quality is okay under 1k.

There are also Pesent Mic which so sensitive to detect your voice and cancelling out noises. It can detect sound of frequency range between 20 Hz – 40, 000 Hz, which is great. In Addition, You will get anti-slip ear-tips in three different sizes. It’s Cable is Tangle-free. It’s Impedance is 32Ω. Therefore, It Consumes Little More Battery Than Single Dynamics Driver Earphone. Hence, I Suppose MI 25083 Wired Earphone is Best Earphone Under 1000 In India for Bass, Treble, Mids & Highs.


Powerful Dual Driver Earphone

Wide Range Of Frequency Covrage (20 Hz - 40k Hz)

Magnetic Earbuds

Easy Customer Service


Plastic Material Build Quality

More Consumes Power Than Others

3. JBL C200SI by Harman Super Deep Bass in-Ear Premium Headphones with Mic

JBL is Known For Its Premium Quality & Customer Service. It has most Competitive Pricing than Other Premium Earphones brands. It Prioritises Sound Quality & User Experience. JBL gets Excellent Customer Feedback due to its Outstanding Base & Thrilling Surround Sound in Its High-end Varient Products.

JBL Earphone Price Starts From Rs. 500/- and It Keeps Price Always Slightly Higher Than Other Brands. JBL Provides Various Colours & Stylish Design Products Which Give It a Premium Product Status. Also, It’s Product Design is Very Sleek and Elegant, which attracts Customer. JBL Customer Feedback Rating Always in Between 3.4 to 4.6 Out Of 5. It Also Gives Good Customer Service. Hence, JBL is very Popular Among Music Lover.

Especially, It’s Speaker and Sound System is Most Selling Products Online. Because Have Excellency in Sound Quality, Durability, Available In All Range & Good Customer Service. In Our List, JBL C200SI by Harman Super Deep Bass in-Ear Premium Headphones with Mic is Considered as Best Earphone Under 1000 INR Budget. JBL C200SI by Harman Super Deep Bass Earphone is Improved Version Of JBL C100SI by Harman Deep Bass in-Ear Premium Headphones.

Let’s Know It’s Specification and Pros & Cons Side Of It. So, Let’s Get Started With Sound Driver Quality. JBL C200SI by Harman Super Deep Bass in-Ear Premium Headphones has unbeatable Driver Sensitivity : 100±3 dB Sound Pressure Level Per Mili Watt. Whereas, Maximum Sound Pressure Level is Upto 5 Mili-watt.

Therefore, You will Get Extra Super Deep Bass With JBL Signature Sound Quality. Its’s Build Quality is Strong and Durable Due to Build Material Used to Manufacture is Metallic Finishing. It has Ergonomic Design Which Looks Very Sleek and Glossy. It is Very Lightweight, Just 8g Weight Earphone and Very Comfortable Ear-tip Cousion.

Eartips Will comes in three Different Sizes (S, M, L) Which you can use according to you comfort. The Design of Earbud of Earphone at Perfect Angle Curve i.e; ∠45° From Minor and ∠135° From Major Angle which is suitable according to Ear Canal to Fit Easily and Enjoy The Bass with JBL C200SI by Harman Super Deep Bass in-Ear Premium Headphones.

This Earphone Can Cover Wide Frequency Range 20 Hz to 20,0000 Hz. It’s In-line Remote Control have One Multipurpose Button for Receiving & Dropping Phone Calls, Play / pause Media and Activate Virtual Assitant. Inside Remote Control, There are In-Built Noise Isolating Microphone present, which is very sensitive to detect your voice and automatically cancel out noise around you. Therefore, I Consider This Earphone as Best Earphone Under 1000 In India For Super Deep Bass.

It’s 3.5 mm Jack is Made Up of with Thin Gold Plating to conduct electricity very easily to provide power to earphone. Overall, This Earphone has Premium build quality under 1k INR Budget and Gives You WOW Experience. Additionally, you will get 1 Year Warranty.


JBL Signature Sound Quality

Metallic Build Quality

Wide Range Of Frquency Coverage ( 20Hz - 20k Hz)

Perfect Earbud Shape Design


Remote Control have Only One Button

Customer Service Requires Approx. 1 Months

4. Skullcandy Jib Wired In-Earphone with Mic

Skull Candy Always Attracts People with It’s Artistic Colours and Designs. You Will Get Lots of colours and designs. You will ge lots of colour and designs option in various price range. Also, It always design customer – centric Earphone with best quality & Design as possible. Hence,There are 928 People Rated, Skullcandy Jib Wired In-Earphone with Mic, 3.6 Out of 5 Stars.

Skull Candy JiB Offers Supreme Sound Technology with powerful 10 mm Dynamic Sound Driver to Give You Thrilling Sound Quality for all Kind Of Music. And It Cover Decent Frequency Range Also 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Whereas, Skull Candy Keeps It’s Impedance Very Low, Just 17Ω, which is very good in sense of bettery power saver.

On Comsumption Of Less Power Producing High Quality Sound — This Features Of This Earphone I Personally Appreciate. And Recommend You, If You Phone Battery Backup is Low Than Using This Earphone Should Be More Preferable Than Others. It’s Driver Sensitivity is 83 Decibals Sound Pressure Level Per Mili-watt or (1mW/500 Hz).

This Earphone Build Quality is not so good. Because It is Made Up Of Hard Plastic and Looks Like Cheap Build Quality. There are in – Line Remote Control for Managing Calls, Media and Activating Virtual Assistant. It’s Microphone is Decent and Have Nice Noise Cancellation Features too. 

You will Get In Package — A Warranty Card, Three Different Sizes Of Ear-tip Cusion (S, M, L) and A Earphone. In Addition, You will Get One Year Manufacturer Warranty On This Earphone.


Colourful & Artistic Design

Power Saving Features

Excellent Bass Quality with 10 mm Driver


Build Quality Is Not So Good

Delay Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Above Described All Earphones are Water and Sweat Proof, except Skull Candy Jib Wired Earphone. Skull Candy Provides Sweat Resistance and Little Sprinkle Of Water Are Tolerable. Hence, Above All Described Earphones are Best Earphone Under 1000 In India.

If You haven’t Already Any Kind Of Ear Problem, Then It Doesn’t Bad For You. But, Regularly Listening Music On High Volume Can Cause Ear-pain and Rupture Of Ear Drum.

Yes, Earphone is Perfect For Gaming. Unless You Doesn’t Have Premium Quality Headphones and Earbuds, which should be provide very less Latency (10ms – 30ms). It’s Better To Buy Good Quality Earphone For Gaming, Rather, Buying Cheap Quality Headphones and Earbuds.

Yes, When You Listening On More Than 70% Volume For Longer Period Of Time (1 Hr – 2 Hr). Or Using Cheap Quality Earphone and Listening On Full Volume Cause Ear-pain Within 15 – 30 Minutes.

For Normal People, On Listening On Normal Volume (i.e; Below 70% Volume) Doesn’t Cause Tinnitus. Where after Listening On Full Volume and Stop Music Suddenly Cause Little Tinnitus For Few Seconds. 

No, Earphone Doesn’t Damage Your Brain in any Form. If You already have any disease related to your brain. In That Case, There should be a possibility that Earphone put inverse Effect On Your Brain.
You should Consult with Your Doctor Before Using Earphone if You have Brain Disease and wanna use Earphone in such a case. Then Keep Volume Low, Not More Than 50%.
In General, Sense, When You Over Using Earphone On High Volume Than It Affect You Ear-drum. Not Your Brain. Hence, Use High Volume Rarely to Avoid These Problems.
If You want to Use Feel Bass and High Volume Music Always Then My Suggestion is That Use Sound System & Be High.

If You Share Your Earphone with Many People can Cause Ear Infections. Hence Whenever You Shared Earphone with Others Than Change It’s Ear-tip Cusion and Clean Surface With Dry Cloths Properly Before Using, If You Frighten with Ear Infections.

If You are Using Branded Earphone Than You can Feel Safe From Electrocute Phenomena. Because Brands are Cares About Safety Measures For There Customer. If Unfortunately, Electrocute Incident Occurs with Any Body, Company Provides Replacement. And If Any Kind Of Accident Occurs Due Using Of Particular Brand Earphone Than That Company will Compensate You.

Earphone Doesn’t Block or Open Your Ear. If Earphone has Properly Designed Acoustic System and have ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) Features. Then While Using Earphone, You unable To Sound Of Outside World.

Yes, But It is Seen For Them Who Already Have Some Kind Of Ear problem. And On Listening Music On High Volume For Longer Time Cause Headache. For Normal People, After Listening Music On Volume Cause Little Headache which will Normal In Few Minutes with Any Medical Treatment.

It’s Depends Upon How You Use Earphone. Generally, It is Observed That within 6 – 7 Months Issues Occurs In Your Earphone, If You Use It Regularly.  Hence, Earphone Brands Gives You 6 Months – 2 Years Warranty. And Ensures You Value For Money Product.

There are Various Of Online E-Commerce Website Like; Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall & Others Platform From Where You can Buy An Earphone.

But, If You want to Buy Best Earphone Under 1000 Than You will Only Get From

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