Why Does Only One Earbud Work – 8 Step Solution

Why Does Only One Earbud Work – 8 Step Solution

Top 10 Earphone Brand is Best in India 2021 | Top 10 Earphone & Buying Guide Background Image

Why Does Only One Earbud Work? Whereas, Other Cannot Pair or Connect.

As technology advances daily, we moved from wired to wireless, and Now Wireless Devices Goes Smallest.

The earbud is one of the Incredible inventions in wireless audio devices. It uses a Bluetooth connection to communicate with each other earpiece to Your Phone, Laptop, iPad, & Other Audio sources.

If You are a Music Freak or Used to Listening to podcasts, Audiobooks & Others in your Daily Routine, Than This Device is Pretty much helpful for you.

Apart, From All Of Its Features, One Issue which caused headaches faced by every earbud user. That Issue is suddenly one side earbud unable to pair each other, or only one side earbud is working.

There are lots of reasons behind work & Another one stay unpaired or no activity shows. All kinds of possible problems & It’s Solution You Can Find Here.

Table of Contents

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1. Restart Your Phone

Restart Your Phone to Fix Only One Earbud Work Issue
When Phone isn’t Restart From Longer Period, sometimes Phone Behaves Abnormally And many Functionality & Services Stop Working. Many This Problem Happens With Bluetooth. Hence, Restart Your Phone. Most Of The Time This Method Works To Resolve This Only One Earbud Work Issue.

2. Try To Pair With Another Earbud

In This Method, Connect Your Phone With Another Earbud & Check Whether Everything Okay or Not. If Everything is Fine with Another Earbud. Then There Is A Issue with Your Earbud. Follow the Steps Described Below to Resolve Only One Earbud Work Issue.

Suppose You Found the Same Issue With Another Earbud, too, Than There is an Issue with Your Phone Setting. In such a case, You should have to Check Sound Setting & Third-Party App. All This Method Described Below.
Pair Earbud to Fix Only One Earbud Work Issue

3. Turn Your Earbud Off & On Simultaneously

Turn On Off to Fix Only One Earbud Work Issue
If Your Problem Isn’t Solve By Restarting Your Phone, Then Follow This Step.
Keep Your Both Earbud into The Case At A Time. Wait For Few Seconds And Check Both Earbud Support Charging Properly.
Now Keep Out Both Earbud Simultaneously From Case And Keep Both Earbud Clouser For Few Seconds. They Will Pair Each. Remember to Turn Off Bluetooth Of Your Phone While Performing This Step. Because Sometimes, One Working Earbud Connected Instantly with Your Phone. And Another Earbud Face Technical Difficulty While Pairing Each Other.

If Above Method Also Not Working, Then Turn Off Your Both Earbud Simultaneously By Pressing Power Button For Few Seconds. Now Turn On Both Earbud Simultaneously. And Wait For Few Seconds. After that, they will Pair Each Other. After That, You can Connect Your Earbud to Your Phone Via Bluetooth.

4. Unpair Earbud From Phone Bluetooth Setting

Unpair Earbuds to Fix Only One Earbud Work Issue
In This Method, You Have To Unpair Earbud From Phone. To Unpair Your Earbud, Go To Setting. Then Go To Bluetooth Setting. Tap On Your Earbud LListed in Paired Device List. Now Tap On Unpair Option to Successfully Unpair Your Earbud.

Now Put Your Both Earbud In Charging Case And Wait For Few Seconds. After That, Keep Out Both Earbuds Simultaneously. Now pair Your Earbud with Your Phone And Connect. Now Play Any Song To Check Only One Earbud Work or Both.

5. Check Mono Headset Setting

Many Smartphone Gives Option In Their Setting To Use Your Mono Earbud Only. Many Time It’s Beneficial & many Time It Makes Hassel.

Sony Earbud Brand Also Provide Their App to Use Their Earbud Effectively. Inside That App, You can Find Mono Option, Which Allows You To Use Your Only Single Earbud.

So, First, Go To the Bluetooth Setting Of Your Phone & Check Mono Option. If It is Enabled, then Disable It. If Mono Option isn’t Available in Your Bluetooth Setting, Make Sure You aren’t Using Any Third-party App For Your Earbud. If You are Using Third-party App, Then Follow Method Described Below.
Mono Setting to Fix Only One Earbud Work Issue
If You Installed Any Third-party App for Your Earbud. Then Open That App and Search Mono Option. If Mono Option is Enabled, then Disable It First. Now Turn Off the Bluetooth Of Your Phone & Restart Your Earbud. Wait For Few Seconds And Let Both Earbud pair Each Other First. Then Pair & Connect Earbud To Your Phone.

6. Check Sound Setting For Sound Balance

Sound Balance to Fix Only One Earbud Work Issue
In Audio Setting, You Can Find An Option that shows the Balance Of Audio Output. It is a Helpful Setting When Your One Audio Device Goes Damaged And Stop Working Due To Some Reason.

In That, You can Change Sound balance Towards Left or Right to Get Proper Sound From Your One Working Side Audio Output Device. But Sometimes It Creates Hassel If It is Changed Unknowingly Due To Some Reason. It may Cause Also Low Sound From One Earbud Comparison To Another One.

To Find Sound Balance Setting, Follow This Steps:-
  1. Go to Setting
  2. Now Go to Accessibility
  3. Now Click On Hearing Enhancements
  4. Now You can See the Adjustment Cursor Of Sound In the Left/Right Sound balance Section.
If Sound Balance Cursor Towards Any Side Than Put Cursor in Middle. Now Play Any Music to Check Audio Output From Only One Earbud Work or Both.

7. Check Earbud Pair Goes Exchanged

If You Have Two Earbuds Of Same Model & Brand. Or There is Another Similar Looking Earbud In Your Home. Then Chances Is Very, Very High They Are Gonna Exchanged By Mistake. You Can Try to Pair it with Another Earbud & Find Your Correct pair Earbud in such a case.

Exchange Earbud Cause Only One Earbud Work Issue

8. Reset All Setting

Reset Setting For Fix Only One Earbud Work Issue
Make A Backup Before Proceeding This Method

Follow This Method Only When You Get the Same Issue After Connecting With Another Earbud too—and Not Worked Above Described Methods.

Sometimes Any Setting Changed Unknowingly Via Phone Setting or Third-Party App You Installed Due to Some Reason, Which Takes Access Of Your Setting.
To Reset Setting Of Your Phone Follow These Steps:-
  1. Go To Setting.
  2. Now Go To General Management
  3. Now Tap On Reset
  4. Now Tap On Reset All Setting
  5. Now It will Ask For Your Approval & Verification. Just Finish It & Proceed.
  6. It’s Done!
It will Take Few Minutes To Reset All Settings. Don’t Perform Any Activity with Phone During Operation Processing. After Finishing Reset, Connect Your Earbud & Check Only One Earbud Work or Both.

It's Time to Contact Customer Service

If Above All Methods isn’t Works. Now It’s Time to Contact To Your Earbud Company Customer Care. There is Most Probability There should be Manufacturing Issue with Your Earbud if Your Earbud is In Warranty Then You will Get Easy Replacement.

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10 Top Earbud Brands In India 2021

10 Top Earbud Brands In India 2021

10 Top Earbud Brands In India Welcome Image

About Top Earbud Brands In India Which You Have To Prefer While Buying Your New Earbuds.

10 Top Earbud Brands In India Welcome Image
Which Earbud Brand Is Best In India? Hay Guys! I’m A Music Lover And I Usually Used To Explore Various Music System Of Top Brands Which Should Be Cost Effective & Have Best Sound Experience. If You Are Wasting So Much Time On Googling About Best Earphone Than You Don’t Need To Do After Reading This Blog.

True Wireless Earbuds Market is Expending Rapidly From Few Years. Top Earbud Brands Flooded Their Latest Innovative Products in indian Market. Getting A Vast Option is A Good Thing. It gives us Competative Advantage in Price, Customer Service & User Experience. Regardless, You need To Pick a Best One.

If You Have Interest to Know More About Earbuds Than You Can Checkout Our Earbuds blog Here.

Earbuds Are Most Popular Audio Device To Stay Truely Hands-Free. It Gives You Personalised Sound Experience Without Disturbing Anybody Else. Due To It’s Great Popularity, Lots Of Brands Come In This Industry. These Days Market Overfloded With Various Design & Featured Earbuds, Which Makes Confusion With People Which One Should Be Exactly I Have To Buy According To My Need & Pocket.

In This Post, You Will Do Know About Popular Trustful Brands Which Will Give You Exellent Customer Service. And Their Best Earbuds Which You Have To Buy. Below I Will Give You Link Of Those Products. Here I Will Also Share With You My Personal Experience & Opinon Of Those Earbuds.

Table of Contents

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skull candy logo


Noise Logo










Rrealme Logo


Let's Know More About One plus Boat Xiomi Redmi Skull Candy Noise Boult pTron Mivi Oppo RealMe One By One

1. One Plus

One Plus is Most Popular Due To It’s Branded High-end Premium Products, Especially Smartphones. But, From Last Two – Three Years, One Plus Entered in Earbud Market. Whereas, It’s True Wireless Earbuds Gives High Competition To Pioneer Brands Like; JBL, Boat & Others.

It Hold Top 10 Position in India’s Top Earbud Brands. It’s Sound Quality. It Continously Upgraded It’s Products with Latest Technology & Fixing Bugs to Enhance User Experience. It’s Sound Quality, Audio Dispersion & Sharpness Of Sound have been Improved and Gives Outstanding User Experience.

In Order To Create Brand Value Among People. It Focused On Specs, Affordable Price which can be Easily Affordable & Easy Customer Service. Regardless, It Doesn’t Launch Too Many Products, Focus & Improve On Existing Product.


The Boat is One Of The Top Earbud Brands in the Earphone Industry. Aman Gupta and Sameer Ashok Mehta established this Brand in 2015 in India. And Popular in The Market due to its best Audio Devices and Other Tech Accessories. This Brand sells not only earphones but also Speakers, Soundbars, Cables, Chargers & More. Those Days When Boat Established, Earphones Brands Like; JBL & Bose Charges High Price to Provide Best Quality Products. Boat Start Selling at Low Price.
Therefore, when Boat Entered into Market, it gains popularity due to its user-friendly, pocket-friendly, and sustainable electronics goods.

Boat Products Created an Amazing User Experience that always gets a 3.5 or Above Out Of 5 Points Rating From Customer Feedback. The Boat makes Its Products too Affordable that Middle-Class families can Purchase Easily These Days.


Xiomi Redmi Captured Huge Market Of Electronics in India, Especially in Mobile Phone Industry. It Isn’t Sell Only Earbuds, But Also, Laptops, TVs, & Other Electronics Items.

MI Considered as Best Electronics Brand in India. You can Easily Locate It’s Service Centre in Your City or Nearby City. That is Why Within Less Time, It Gains Huge Popularity Among People.

Audio Devices of MI have Sharp Sound Quality. While Using Its Earbuds, You may detect Minimal Dispersion of Sound. Direct Sound with Minimal Distortion is Exceptional in The Sense of Sound Quality. 

Xiomi Redmi Also Focused On Gamers. It’s Remdi Earbud S especially Designed & Featured For Gamers. Many Headphones & Earbuds have problem Of real Time Audio Streaming. I Mean While Playing Games You will Notice After 1 -2 Second Later You May Heard Voice. But, This Issue has been Completely Optimised In This Redmi Earbud S. It has 122ms Low latency which is Suitable For Gaming Purpose.

Therefore, You can say Its Sound Quality & Noice Cancellation is Pretty Good According to Its Price. MI Always Provides Value For Money Products. If You want to Buy MI Earbuds. Redmi Battery Life is 3-4 Hours by Simgle Earbud on Full Charge. Which I Think Okay in This Budget.

The Best Part of MI Product is Its Customer Service, Which I Personally Experience and Ii Appreciate. Where Other Brands Takes 2 -3 Weeks for Service, It gives you Service In Same Day. 

Remember, Before Visiting MI Service Centre, You Must take an Appointment on Hate to Wait App Of MI.


Skull Candy is One Of The Top Earbud Brands in India. It is the First Brand Who Brings Quirky Design Earbuds which Looks Colorful and Different From Other brands. Hence, It attracts Mostly Youths who want to use Trendy Earbuds—the First Kind of Brands Who Use to Paint Their Earphones & Headphones with Mix Vibrant Colors. Thus, Skull Candy User Looks Fashionable with Its Trendy Design Earbuds.

Another Thing To Love Apart From Skull Candy’s trendy Design & Attractive Colors is Ideal For Rough Daily Usage. Also, Due to the Affordable Price on Which Price Middle Economical Class People can do Afford Easily. Its Price Range Starts From 300 INR and Goes Up According to Features, Design & Colors You will Choose.

The Unique Selling Point Of Skull Candy is Trending & Durability. Its Customer Service is Great. The Sound Quality on High-Resolution Audio become Sharp Sound. Its Earbuds  are very Comfortable to Use For a Longer Period without Feeling Irritation & Pain in Ear. It has Good Enough Battery Life. High Quality Bass Boosted Sound Driver Found in Some Model Of Earbuds.

5. Noise

Noise has Many Variant Of True Wireless Earbuds and Airbus, which is Available In India. It Gives Best & Latest Features On Budget Price. It Creates Various Kind Of Electronics Accessories in Many Categories to Inspire People with Latest Technology at Low Prices Which common People can Easily Afford.

Noise Primary Focus of Audio Devices & Smart Wearable Gadgets. You can Find Mostly Advance Features that You can See in Premium Brand’s Gadget Like. Gesture Control, Long Battery Life, High bass Boosted Sound Driver, and So On. Its Single Earbud can Support Upto 5 Hours Battery Backup, whereas, Including Charging Case It Gives 20 Hours.

Its Charging Case Comes with Type-C Built-in Charging Port, which Rarely Seen in Budget Earbuds. Its Earbuds Also Support SBC and AAC Audio Format. Its Mic and Battery Life is Incredible Among Earbuds, which is very helpful and too busy on calls & audio recording. Regardless, Its bass is not much powerful yet. But, Consistently, they are improving in their Earbuds.

You will Get Nice Noise Cancellation & Connectivity. Its Earbuds Available in Various Colors, designs & Stylish gives the user a Vast Option to Choose from. If You want to Buy Noise Earbuds, Then This will be a good deal for you.

6. Boult

Boult is another Top Earbud Brands in India that Focus on Low Economic Class People. It’s Most of the product available at a very low price compared to other brands. Whereas, It’s Customer Service is Okay. But, You can Find Good & Latest Features in Low Range Budget.

If we talk about its audio Streaming, It takes more latency to deliver, which shouldn’t be good for Gaming. Whereas, You use it for calling, music & Other General purposes. Thus Boult Earbuds are a Completely User Satisfying Product, and Its User Feedback Rating Always 4 out of 5.

Suppose We Talk About its sound quality which is good for to listening high-bass music. It uses Artech Technology to make up a 9mm Graphene Sound Driver to Deliver High clarity HD Sound.
Rather It’s battery Life is Satisfying, which gives 4-5 Hours of Continous Usage by Single Earbud whereas, with a Charging Case Upto 20 Hours. It’s Charging Case Support Type-C Port. It has IPX 7 Rating Water-resistance Features & Multi-purpose Button For Google Assitance, Call Pick & Deop & Other Functionality.

Overall, It is a Good Earbud Brand on Low Budget. If You don’t have Much Budget to Spend Than Boult is a Top Earbud Brands to Get a Great Deal to Purchase Your New Earbuds.

7. pTron

pTron is another low Budget Top Earbud Brands In India. Its Primary Customer is Low Economic class people who want to use & experience the latest tech.

pTron Earbuds design & colours has been loved by people. Whereas, It gives good Specs & Features in its products. Its Earbuds sound quality is good. But, It doesn’t have much Powerful Sound Driver in Most Of The Earbuds. It provides satisfying battery Life, which is upto 4-5 hours, which is Gradual Decreases after 3-4 Months. Its Product is not much durable & Strong Enough.

It uses IPX Water-resistance Technology and has a Soft Eartip, which is available in three different sizes, i.e., small, middle & Large. Regardless, Its Customer Service is okay. If You have a low budget, you can prefer pTron Earbuds, which is a good deal. Rather It is Good For Calling, Listening to Music and Other Casual Usage.

8. Mivi

Mivi is Indian Brands Established in the Year 2015. It Sells Various Electronic Accessories Product. But, Mivi mainly Focused on Audio Devices. It Creates Products that should Affordable for all Kind of Economic Class People. As Much as High Price Product You will Purchase, You will get that much Quality & Specification.

Let’s Talk About Low Budget Range Earbuds. You will Get Not Much Satisfying Features & Quality of Sound Comparison to Its High-end Price Earbuds. The Main Differences You can Clear Notice In Its Battery Life and Multi-Touch Control Features. On The Other Side, You Can Experience the Best Sound Quality in Every Kind Of Budget Categories Earbuds.

To Experience Incredible Hi-Bass Sound Quality, My Experience says that You Should Go with Rs 1500/- or Above Price Earbuds. Whereas, It’s Noise Cancellation, Connectivity & Customer Service is Excellent. Get 4-5 Hours Battery Life for each Earbud & a Charging Case for 20 Hours.

Overall, It is Best to Buy Earbud Brands. Whether You Purchase Mivi’s Cheapest Earbuds. Its Earbud is Excellent for Calling, Audio Streaming & Gaming.


Oppo is Most Incredible Tech Brand in India, Especially in Smartphone Industry. But, For the Last Two Years, It Enters in Earbud Industry & Shapes with Trendy & Latest Model of Earbuds on an Affordable Budget. It Doesn’t have a Plethora of Earbuds Model. But, You will get various Colors Options in Each Model.

Oppo includes all the latest & Trending features in every Earbuds. Due to Specification & Design Variation in Earbuds Model to Model. Hence, Price Also Vary.

Oppo Enco X is the Most Successful Earbuds in India From Their Other Model. In Its Earbuds, You can see many advanced features like; gesture control, automatic noise cancellation & Others. Whereas, It is Battery Life is incredible, which gives upto 5 hrs by single earbuds.

To enhance its user experience, It Partnershipped with Dynaudio. They Create hardcore Audiophiles, which is in-built with the best bass boosted audio driver. Overall, You can say Oppo’s Latest Earbuds will be Great for Listening to Music, Gaming & Other works, whether You use them for Official Work Purpose or Entertainment Purpose.

10. RealMe

RealMe Earbuds are Designed by French Master Jose Levy. 10 mm Powerful Dynamic Bass Boosted Driver & Automatic Noise Cancellation Features has Built In It’s Earbuds. Apart, You can Find Most Of Earbuds Features here Like; Nioce Cancellation, IPX Water Resistance & Others.

Realme is a tech brand formally established on May 4, 2018, by Sky Li. All realme aspires to supply products with an extensive exceptional experience for the young. The realme Targeted Customer is Youth. It is a trendsetting tech brand. It Makes Modification in Exciting Products and Launches New Products According to Trends in Market Which Should be User-friendly and Loved By Customers.

It’s Battery Life is Excellent. And Much Enough Light-weight which shold be suitable for Ear. It Obiously Charge Little High Rather Than Other Low Budget Earbuds Due to It’s Raising Popular Top Earbud Brands In India. But, It Do Not Compermise with Qulaity Of Products & Services.

As a result of skills in the cutting-edge technology of Earbuds and IoT, realme brings customers products with trendsetting technology, attributes, and trendsetting experiences applied in the purchase price segment, which makes It Top Earbud Brands in India. It Keeps Price as Low as that Middle-Class People can also Afford Easily.

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Best Bose Earbuds In India 2021 | Best Price For Bose Wireless Earbuds

Best Bose Earbuds In India 2021 | Best Price For Bose Wireless Earbuds

Best Bose Earbuds In India 2021

About Best Bose Earbuds In India 2021 Which You Have To Know Before Buy. Also Get List Of Best Price For Bose Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Market is Expended Rapidly From Few Years. Top Earbuds Manufacturer Brands Floded Market with Their Latest Innovative Products. Getting a Vast Option is Also a Good Thing. Because It Gives us competative advantages in Price, Quality & Service. But, you need to pick A Best One. If You are Interested In Reading More About Earbuds, You can Read Our Earbud Blog To Know About More.

Bose is a American Brand Know For It’ High-end Premium Quality Products. It’s Product Price Always be high because of it’s target customer is working or high-class people.

Bose Products Engineeded with Premium Stylish design & Sound quality. It’s product is durable & comfortable. You can use it Roughly for Longer Periods without Worrying about Damages & Services.

It’s Customer Service is Best And Service Centre Found Mostly in Metro Cities. Wheras, It Provides pick & drop service if you are living in small City or village.

Here You will know about Best Bose Earbuds in India which is most popular amoung people. Also You will know to save money on Best Price For Bose wireless Earbuds. This Blog Helps You in Selecting Your Best Bose Earbuds Which You can Buy Easily From Amazon.

Table of Contents

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Best Bose Earbuds In India 2021

Bose Sport Earbuds

Best Bose Earbuds In India 2021

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Best Bose Earbuds In India 2021

SoundSport Free wireless

Let's Know More About Bose Sport Bose QuietComfort Earbud

1. Bose Sport Earbuds

Bose Sport Earbuds is Most Popular Among Gym-Freak Community, especially those who love to use Best Branded Products. Bose Sport Earbuds is a Latest or You can Say Upgraded Version Of Bose SoundSport Earbuds.

The Defect & Issue Found in Bose SoundSport has been Fixed in This Model, which gives the Best User Experience Than Bose SoundSport. It is Also Design with Concern Of Trendy Designs, Compatibility, Features & Specifications.

This Earbud is Engineered by Concern About Athelits who can use it rough & tuff. But, Common People also prefer it due to its high-Bass Sound Quality & Trendy Design. Its Latest Sensors & Functionality help you to stay Hands-free.
It Has Automatic Ear Detection Features used to play/pause Media by Just Removing an Earbud From Ear. Apart, It’s Touch Sensor Used For Multi-function Like; Pickup Calls, Volume Up & Down, etc.

Alongside, You will Get Access To Bose Music App, which is specially made for the best connectivity & Compatibility with its earbuds. Whereas, Most users don’t allow you to create custom EQ. Otherwise, It is Helpful to switch between paired devices easily. You will also do Bluetooth setting modifications by an app like call & Audio Streaming on / off. It shows apparent battery capacity or charge remaining in earbuds.

The StayHear Max tips have a distinctive umbrella form and an elongated elastic wing, which maintain your Bose Sport Earbuds firmly in place, however much you Move. You can Do Easily Jogging, Sprinting & Play Sports without worry about accidentally Falling From Ear. You will Get Eartip in Three Different Sizes, i.e., small, medium & Large. Try with all These Three Eartip & Find Find which one has the best fit for your Ear.

Bose Sport Earbuds Designed with IPX4 Technology to withstand moisture from sweat and weather, Bose Sport Earbuds undergo excellent, rigorous testing for durability so they will remain in shape, exactly like you.
Bose Sport Earbuds Include a capacitive touch interface, which lets you tap an earbud to play or pause music, Take or reject Telephone calls, and Much More. Easy To Control most of the activity without touching Phone, Helps You to do your work Continuously Without Any Hassel.

When fully charged, the charging case (included) can supply two complete fees for up to 10 additional hours or a 15-minute rapid charge for up to 2 hours.

Inside 30 ft. (9 m) of your apparatus, you are going to hear anything your device is acting, even though a Bose custom-designed antenna concealed on the exterior of every earbud can help you stay connected.

As I Told You About, The free Bose Music program enables you to Rename your earbuds Name. You can place the controls on how you like them, check your battery life, and receive software upgrades once available.


  • Smaller Size
  • Outstanding Bass
  • Multi-color Option


  • App Not Support Custom EQ
  • Only One Side Earbud has Automatic Ear Detection Feature

2. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

To Inspire Common People with Bose Earbuds, It Launched QuietComfort Model Earbuds. It is Mainly Focused On Working Class People who want to Experience Premium Class Quality Like; World Class automatic Noice Cancelling (ANC) Features, Excellent Sound Quality Experience while Calls, Listening to Music & Playing Games.

This Earbud is Available in Black & White Color. But, Its Design is Sleek, Simple & Attractive. It Has a Bulky Shape due to Its Discreet & Subtle Curves and Plenty of Flat Shapes. Instead, It Is Light Weight & Easy to Fit in The Ear with Its Best Rubber Eartip Grip. You will Not Feel Bulky Ear While Using It.
It is Also Comes with Ear Sensor with Easy Touch Features. It also has Automatic Noise Cancelling Features. Its Sound Driver isn’t Only Built For High-bass. But Also, You can Hear the Natural & Shrill Sound Of Music.

Bose created these glossy wireless earbuds with breakthrough acoustic guitar creations and Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology. Collectively, they make lifelike sounds above a bed of digital silence. When it’s for podcasts, music, or videos, then you’re going to find a compelling listening experience in a wireless earbud.

This Earbud is Engineered with Long battery Life, Which Gives You Connectivity For a Longer Period in One Full Charge Earbuds battery. Whereas, You can Charge Earbuds By Charging the Case Two Times.

Get up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge. The wireless charging instance — which works with any Qi-certified charging pad — provides around 12 more hours of battery life. A 15-minute fee will give you up to 2 hours.

You can not always find a quiet location to get a telephone. To be sure you’re heard loud and clear, these earbuds are equipped using a particular microphone system. It picks up the sound of your voice while it rejects the majority of the sound around you.

Noise-canceling practically eliminates distractions. However, when you have to know about your environment, you can diminish the sound canceling amount to allow more external noise. For rapid conversations, select transparency Mode, making it look like you are not wearing earphones in any way. This Transparency Mood is the Coolest Features Ever I have Been Seen in an Earbuds. All these earbuds make deep, low notes and exciting, lifelike sounds. Each time you alter the quantity, the audio is automatically recalibrated. Therefore it remains always balanced.

Since each surface that touches your ear is constructed from soft silicone, these earbuds are comfy enough to wear for hours and hours. To be sure to make the best possible match, these earbuds include three ear tip sizes.

Since each surface that touches your ear has been constructed from soft silicone, these earbuds are comfy enough to wear for hours and hours. To be sure about making the best possible match because these earbuds include three ear tip sizes.


  • Superb Sound Quality
  • Solid ambient mode
  • Excellent ANC performance


  • Too Much High Price
  • Bulky Design

3. Bose SoundSport Earbuds

Bose SoundSport Earbuds is The First Earbud Launched by Bose. It’s Objective To Deliver Powerful bass to Sports Enthusiastic. But You Do Compare These Earbuds With Above Two Then You will Find Some Difference in Sounds & Noice Cancellation. And a Huge Difference in Battery Life. Its Battery Supports Only 5 Hours.

Whereas, Best Technology Bose Used in This Earbud is “Find My Buds” Features, Incredible to Track Your Lost Earbud. If You want to Buy This Earbud, This Could be a Good Deal. But, I Suggest You Buy Bose Sports Earbuds. Which Cost Effective & Featured with All Latest Technology.

Anyway, Let’s Know About Its Features. You will get Almost the Same Feature Described in Bose Sport Earbuds. But, You can to Face Little Difference, as I Described in First Paragraph. And Read It’s Below Described Features to Notice Differences Between them.
If We Start With Sound Quality Then We Find Here It’s bass Quality Quiet Low. Whereas, You Love Natural Sound Than This is a Great Choice For You.

You can Hear Crystal Clear Sound On Calls & Gaming. Whereas, Due To Its Higher Sound Pressure Level, You will Feel annoying While Calling On High Volume.
Its Microphone is Sensitive and Capture Sound Easily From Few Millimeter Distance. Instead, When One Earbud Goes Out Of range, Than It is Automatically Shifted Its mic Connectivity to another earbud. This Feature will give you stability in Connectivity & Communication.

Ofcourse, It has an IPX4 Rated Water Resistance feature. Thus, You Don’t have to Worry About It. Perfectly Fit & Comfortable Eartip makes earbuds easy to wear & It’s Rubber Grip From Accidently falling. Apart You can Do Much More with Its One-touch Control Features for Your Virtual Assistant (Google, Siri, Alexa, etc.), Call Pick & Drop, Volume Up & Down.

It Gives 5 Hours Continous Battery Support in Single Earbud. Whereas You can Charge a Single Earbud Two Time. You can Say the Overall Battery With a Case is 15 Hours, and Only the Charging Case Give You 10 Hours of Battery Supports. Within One Full Charge, You can Use Earbud Whole Day.


  • Find My Buds Features
  • Good Connectivity & Stability


  • Old Bose Earbud Model
  • Low battery Life
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