Frustration when Earphones Not Working in phone

About Earphones Not Working On Phones Issues And It's Troubleshooting Methods.

I Know You Are Now Frustrated With Your Earphones. It’s Really A Hassel For Earphone Users When Earphone Suddenly Stop Working With Your Device.

It’s A Common Problem Which Many Users Faces. This Is A Extremely Troubleful Painpoint For You And You Wish This Shouldn’t Be Happen. But Unfortunaly, Technical Issues Occurs With Tech Products. Reagrdless Of What Kind Of Earphones You Own.

But, You Don’t Need To Loose Your Hope. You Can Try Some Methods To Fix This Issue Before You Go Buy A Replacement. It’s Solution According To Issue. Sometime, It Occurs Due To Expired Driver, Device Setting Issue, Software Updates And So On. You Will Know To Troubleshoot Bugs Due To All Possible Issues.
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girl looking behind wall to know fact why Earphones Not Working in phone
There are Various Kind Of Technical Issues Related to Earphone due to that It’s not Working. And Fixes Depands on Type Of Issues.
Commonly Issues Occurs due to Headset Configuration with Your Phone. Audio Jack Damage or Wire Damage is another Kind Of Issue.

Types Of Issues with Earphones:-
  • Earphone Icon not Showing in Notification Bar
  • Only One Side Ear Audiable
  • Mic Not Working While Call
  • No any Audio Output
Reason Of Earphone Not Working:-
  • Firmware Update Issue
  • Wrong Setting for Audio Output
  • Earphone Plug Dust
  • Earphone is Broken

Now Let's Know How Can You Fix Your Earphone Issues

boy idea on Earphones Not Working in Phone

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Earphones Not Working Solution

  • Check Earphone Broken Or Not


    Eaphone has Very Fine Wire which attached with Your Jack and Ear Piece Point. Due to Exerting Force wire Detached from Joint and Behave as Unsupportable. Hence, You should connect Your Earphone with Other Device either it working in them or not.

    If It is Not Supporting in any Other Device that mean Your Earphone is Damaged. In such kind Of Case Wire Mainly Detached From Jack Side. You can Go to Repair Shop to Resoldering Wire. If You have some skill you can do this easily with soldering device.


  • Check Bluetooth Connection with Other Device


    Many Time We Use Bluetooth Device and Forget to Turn It Off. After That When You try to Connect Earphone as Audio Output. You will Face Earphone Not Working Issue. Because Primary Audio Output Become Bluetooth Device. Hence, Turn Off Bluetooth and Connect Earphone Again.


  • Clean Earphone Jack


    Sometime Dust or Color Stick On Earphone Jack. When You Insert Jack into Socket, It unable to Connect with Socket Pin Due to Insulator Behaviour Of Dust or Color. Hence, Clean Earphone Jack with Clean Cloths. If sticky stuff on jack than remove carefully with cleaning solution like Gel, Kolin, etc.


  • Check Earphone Jack Port Of Your Phone


    Check Your Earphone Jack Port Whether It’s Working or Not. Plugin Other Earphone in Your Phone to Check. 

    If No Earphone Working Than Clean Jack Port Dust Properly. Again Plugin Earphone & Check.


  • Check Audio Setting


    Check Your Audio Setting of Your Phone whether it is Configured with Other Kind Of Device. Go to Setting > Audio & Sound Setting.

    Now Insert Your earphone. Check Whether it is Earphone as Audio Output or Other. If Other, Than Set to Your Earphone or Headset Mode.

    Also Check Audio Output Media Volume. You can Raise Media Sound Volume by Button or in Setting.


  • Use Factory Reset Setting


    It will Erase Device Data. Hence, Suggested to You For Creating Backup of Your Necessary Data Before Perform This Operation

    Factory Reset will reset all setting of Your Device. You can Do This Factory Reset in Soft Method or hard Method in Android. First Let’s Do Soft Factory Reset.

    1. Go to Setting
    2. If Your Device running on Android 10 or Above You can Simply Search Factory Reset Or
    3. Go to Back & Restore Setting
    4. Now Go To factory Reset 
    5. Click On Reset. It will Take Some Time. Let Device Finish This Operation Successfully.

    Now Check Your Earphones Not Working in Phone or Working. If It isn’t Working Yet Than Do Hard Reset. To Perform Hard Reset You need to Go to Boot Menu. Every Device Has it’s Different Method to access Boot Menu. If You don’t Know How to Access Boot Menu. You can Google “How to Access Boot Menu ‘Your Phone Brand’ ‘Device Model’ “. Or You use Below Suggested which works in Most Of Android Device.

    1. Turn Off Your Phone.
    2. Start Your Phone in Boot Menu.
    3. To Access Boot Menu Press Vol Down + Power Button Few Second.
    4. Now Go to Advance Setting.
    5. Now Go to Fatory Reset Option and Press Yes to Perform Operation.

    It Takes Few Minute to Complete This Operation. When Phone Boot Up, Plug in Earphone & Check Now.

    Iphone User can do Reset by Following Methods:-

    1. Go To Setting
    2. Now Tap On General
    3. Now Go Reset
    4. Click On Reset all setting


  • Software Or Driver Malfunction


    Sometime Due to Software Bugs & Outdated Driver, Your Device stop supporting Earphone. Make Sure Your Phone should be Updated with Latest Firmware Version.

    If This Occurs After Updating Phone. Than Uninstall Update First and Reinstall It. This Issue Occurs When Update isn’t installed Properly in Device. To Uninstall Update From Device in Boot Menu. If You don’t Know How to Access Boot Menu. You can Google “How to Access Boot Menu ‘Your Phone Brand’ ‘Device Model’ ” Every Device Has it’s Different Method to access Boot Menu. 

    Uninstall Update In Android

    It will Erase Device Data. Hence, Suggested to You For Creating Backup of Your Necessary Data Before Perform This Operation

    Most Probably You Find This Option In Software Update Setting. If Not Follow Few Step Described Below. This Method may not Work in All Android Device. But, Works in Most Of Android Device.

    1. Shutdown Your Device.
    2. Now Pree Vol Down + Power Button. Keep Pressing Untill You will See Startup Screen. 
    3. Now You are in Boot Menu
    4. Go To Advance Setting
    5. Now, Uninstall Update. Let It finish Automatically. It will Takes Few Minutes.
    6. After Uninstallation, Insert Plug in Earphone & Check.

    Reinstall Updates

    1. Follow 1 to 4 Step
    2. You can See Now Install Update Option
    3. It will automatically detact Update File in Your Phone If It is saved in your Phone.
    4. Start Installation. Now Leave You Device Few Minutes. Let it automatically Boot On.

    If Update File is not in Your Phone Than Don’t be Panic. You will Get Update Notification Soon. You can Easily Download and Install From Update Software Setting. Or You can Download Latest Firmware Update File From Official website Of Your Device Brand. And Follow Reinstallation Procedure Suggested Above.

    iPhone Update Uninstalltion

    If You are a iPhone User & Facing Earphones Not Working Problem after updating Phone. You Follow Below Suggested Step to Uninstall Update From Your Phone:-

    1. Go to Setting
    2. Go to General
    3. Go to iPhone Storage
    4. Now Find iOS File (It will looks like iOS+update version, For Example; iOS13.4.6)
    5. Click On That iOS File
    6. Click on Delete Update
    7. Now Restart Your iPhone and Check Your Earphone

    You can Reinstall Update From Software Update Setting Easily.


It's Time To Call Customer Service Centre

If Above Method Not Working Than It’s Time to Contact Customer Service Of Your Earphone Brand. There is Manufacturing Issue From Company. You will Get Easy Replacement if Your Earphone is in Warranty.

Suggesting Earphones

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Frequently Asked Question On Earphones Not Working

There are various kind of Issue Responsible for Earphones Not Working in Phone. There are Some Common Issue Occurs Due to Technical Glitches and Harware Problem. Scroll up to Know Solution to Troubleshoot Earphones Not Working Problem.

I First Suggest You to Reboot Headphones and Check. If Still Problem Continue in Your Headphone Than Read Our Blog on Headphones Trobleshooting.

If You are Using Earphone Than Scroll up & Try to Fix This Issue by Suggested Method in This Post.

Cheak Your Headset with Other Device. If It is still not Working in any Other Device. If Headset have Power Button Than Reboot Your Heaset. If Problem Still in Sound Than There is Highly Possibily That Your Headset Earpiece is Damaged.

If You are Using Earphone Than You can Scroll Up To Know Common Issue Behind it & It’s Solution.

If You’re Using Headphones Than Read Out Heaphones Issue Troubleshooting Blog to Know It’s Fixes.

It is really possible to fix your Earphones Nor Working Problem without tools if Your earphone isn’t damaged. Above Suggested Some Solution to Trobleshoot Issue with Earphones.

Make Sure Your Headset Mic Working Properly by plugin with other devices. If Issue still occurs with all devices. Than There is probablity Wire detached From It’s Joint. In This Case, You can Go to Repair Shop to soldering wire on it’s Joint Point. 

If Issue Still Occurs after repairing Than Your Headset mic is damaged, you can ask repair man to replace mic with new one, if he can. Otherwise You have to buy New One.

Scroll up to Know Trobleshooting Method. if you are using earphones Or You can Checkout Headphone Troubleshooting Blog to troubleshoot Hheadphone Bugs.

There are software bugs or hardware issue with your phone. If you earphones works properly with other devices, than Reboot your phone and plug it again.

If Issue still occurs than Scroll up to know troubleshooting methods which you can fix on your own.

Clean Your phone jack port. Sometime dust inside jack port doesn’t allow to plug your Earphone Jack Properly. mMake Sure you are using 3.5mm Earphone which size is perfect for earphone jack port. If This issue Still Occurs Than Scroll up & Read How can You Fix This Issue.

First Of All, Reboot your phone & Check. If Issue Still Occurs, Than Reset all setting From Reset Setting. If It isn’t working Than Read above trobleshooting methods to fix this issue.

After trying Above Described Troubleshooting Methods, Still Earphone not Working in Phone. Then There is issue with your Earphone Jack Port. Reapir Your Phone’s port to get rid of this issue.

This Issue Occurs due to Software Bugs or Hardware Issue. Solution depands upon which kind of Problem is exactly. You can Reboot Your Phone & Try Earphone. If Issue still Occurs than you can read above described troubleshooting method to fix Earphones not working in Phone Issue.

this is a Most Common & Frustrating Issue Occurs with Every Earphone which I use till now. You can say that soon your earphone completly stop working.

So  Now can you fix it. You can clear dust from jack port of phone. Also Clean Earphone Jack Properly. Make Sure there is not stiky element on Earphone Jack.  Insert earphone jack properly in your phone port.

If issue isn’t fix yet. Than There is Fine wire which connected with earpiece point has been detached from it’s joint. Go to Repair Shop and soldering Your Earpiece wire properly. If Still Earpiece not working than that’s earpiece speaker is damaged. You can to repair man to replace this earpiece with other.

Or You can do jugar. If You or your friends have any old earphone whose one side earpiece is not working. You can Use that working side earpiece to replace with your existing earphone damaged earpiece. You can Know Details About it on Earpiece not working blog post.

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