In This Post You Will Know To Choose Right Earphone According To Your Needs, Professions and Budget

Do You Want to Buy A Earphone? And You Are Confused In Front of bunch of Earphone In The Market. Than This Blog is For You. Read This Earphone Buying Guide Till The End to Know How To Choose Right Earphone According to Your Need and Budget.

These Days Market has been Over-flooded by Variant of Earphones. Many Top National and International Brands comes in This Industry. And Everybody claims their Product is Best. Choosing A Best Earphone is Like Finding Salt From Flour.

Today technology goes advance from wire to wireless. But still craze of Wired Earphone Among People Available. This is Not Only Because Wired Earphone Fit In Budget, But Also Provide Hands-free Personalised Experience to Lower Economic People.

Beside, If it is lost than you aren’t feel harsh due to it low price. And Chance of loss and loosing Wired Earphone is very low comparison to TWS Earbuds.

Are You In Hurry....

If You Are In Hurry, Than Here is Best Suggestion For You To Buy Your Best New Earphone. You should care Following Basic Stuffs while Buying:-

  • Approx. 1.2 m Long Cable
  • Hybrid or Dual Sound Driver should considered
  • Build Quality Should metallic, if you are looking in budget than prefer hard fiber material build
  • Impedance should be lower than 25 ohm
  • Automatic Noise Cancelling (ANC) should be featured
  • Cable should be Tangle-free
  • Acoustic System should be closed
  • Comfortable Ear-tips for your size
  • Decent Customer Service

Above Described Things You should take care while buying your new best Earphone. Below Given Our Best Recommendation, If You are Interested —

Sony MDR-XB55AP Wired Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones

Rating : 4.3/5
Best Dual Driver Earphone

1) Headphones made for Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
2) The inline remote features with a mic
3) 12 mm neodymium drivers for powerful extra bass
4) 1 Year warranty

Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic and Long Tangle-Free Cable

Rating : 4.1/5
1) The dual driver structure 10mm & 8mm Dynamic Drivers
2) Passive Noise Cancellation
3) 3-button operation for better convenience and inter-operability
4) Magnetic Earbuds
4) 6 Months Warranty

How To Buy Best Earphone

Many Of My Friends ask me to which earphone should I Buy Boat, JBL or Sony. And I Ask Him First For What Purpose You Want to Earphone. On That Basis I Give Them Best Suggestion For Buying Earphone. I Sort Listed Some The Reason to Use Earphone By Most Of The People Across The World.

So, That You Can Easily Understand Which Brand with Particular Specification Contained Earphone You Should Have To Buy, Which will be Best For You, According to Professional Usage or Personal Usage.

So, What is Your Purpose Of Buying Earphone ?

Now You May Think What The Shit Type Of Question It is. And Most Of You May Answer, Obviously, For Listening Music, Calling, or Entertainment. But I Want to Ask That For What Purpose You Mostly Use Your Earphone. Is It Only For Stay Hands-Free, Entertainment, Gaming or Others.

Now, We will Discuss One By One About Usage Of Earphone For Different – Different Purpose and What Necessary Specification Should that Earphone Have Which You are Going to Buy. Also You Get Here Some Best Recommendation At The End Of This Earphone Buying Guide Article.

Are You Mostly Engaged On Calls, Meeting, Or Video Conferencing

If You are too Busy in picking up calls or doing Video calling and Video conference that means you are from working class people or You have a Girlfriend / Boyfriend. In This Case, You can Prefer Earphone which should have :—

  • Automatic Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  • Tangle-free Wire
  • Wire Length should be At-least One Metre or Above
  • Ear-tip Should be Smooth with Good Grip
  • Easy & Fast Customer Service (Important)

Now You May Think What Does mean easy & fast customer service. Actually, You should prefer those Brand Earphone Whose Service Centre Should be available at your nearest reach. Such as, in your colony / city / nearest city.

Because, Whenever you face any trouble , you can easily get service and Fastly. In case of many brands, who provides pick & drop service, They takes 2- 3 weeks to deliver service. In this case, you will get in huge trouble to manage your work without earphone.

The Best Brand whose Customer Service Easily Available in Small City too, i.e; MI and Samsung. If You are Living in Big City Like; Patna, Lacknow and Others. Than You can Prefer Oppo and Sony Brands Earphone.

Best Recommendation
realme Wired in Ear Buds 2 with Mic for Smartphones

Rating : 4.3/5
1) The powerful 11.2mm bass boost driver
2) The inline remote features three tactile buttons and a mic
3) Premium Design Cable which gives robust strength and durability
4) 6 months warranty

JBL Commercial CSLM20 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

Rating : 4/5
1) Omni-directional pickup pattern
2) 3.5mm TRRS jack compatible with laptops & most smartphones
3) Single earphone for calls, video conferences and monitoring
4) Cable Length: 2 Meters

Are you mostly use for entertainment

If you are using earphone only while listening music / audiobooks / podcasts, watching movies & videos and Casual Gaming. Than You Should focus on those earphone which should be :—

  • Automatic Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  • Speaker Diaphragm size atleast 10 mm
  • Optimised Sound Driver with Bass & Treble
  • Build Quality Should be Strong For Durability
  • Min One Metre Long Cable
  • Decent Customer Service

Therefore, You can Prefer Brand Like Boat, Mivi, Skull Candy, JBL and Others.

Best Recommendation
Sennheiser CX 80s in Ear Earphone with Mic

Rating : 4.1/5
1) Uncompressed and balanced Sennheiser sound for a unique listening experience
2) Call & music management via smart remote
3) Sound pressure level (SPL): 119 dB
4) Frequency response (Microphone)100 - 10,000 Hz
5) Impedance 28 Ω
6) 6 Months warranty

Sony MDR-XB55AP Wired Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones

Rating : 4.3/5
1) Headphones made for Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
2) 12 mm neodymium drivers for powerful extra bass
3)Impedance - 16 ohm
4) Serrated tangle free cord
5) Cord length: Approx. 1.2 m
6) 1 Year Warranty

Are You A Athlete

If You Prefer to use Earphone mostly while jogging, sprinting, Playing Outdoor Games and During Exercise. Than You should buy Buy Earphone which will have following features :—

  • Tangle – free Wire
  • Bass Boosted Optimised Sound Driver
  • Strong Build Quality (Metallic Build will be Best)
  • Best Grip Of Ear-tip
  • If Possible Audiophile should have Ear Hanger too. It will Give Best Grip in Ear While Your Physical Hassel.
  • Earphone Should have One Metre Long Cable
  • Multi – Button Should be On In-line Remote Control
  • A Decent Customer Service

Hence, You Should have to Prefer Earphone Brand Like; Boat, JBL, Sony, pTron, Boult, Noise and Others.

Best Recommendation
boAt Bassheads 242 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

Rating : 4.1/5
1) 10 mm dynamic drivers
2) IPX 4 Water and Sweat Resistance
3) the cable to endorse practicality mixed with an aesthetic design that allows for communication and music playlist control
4) 1 year warranty

Sony MDR-AS210 Active Sports Open-Ear Headphones

Rating : 4/5
1) Powerful 13.5 mm dynamic driver unit
2)Sensitivity: 104 dB/mW
3) Impedance: 16 Ohm
4) Cord length: Approx. 1. 2 m
5) Build for sports, Splash proof and sweat proof
6) 1 Year Warranty

Earphone Buying Guide - Important Term

Here Described some important term which you should have to know in this Earphone Buying Guide in order to purchase Your New Earphone. You should take care of below described things while buying. 

Let’s Start with Voice Coil In Order to Know Important Term Of Earphone Buying Guide…..

Voice coil is most important part of any sound system. It generates mechanical force which helps in sound production. It is usualy made up of aluminium because it is highly sound sensitive material in sound production.

But, It doesn’t have long life. Therefore, Alloy of Copper-Clad Aluminum using mostly by manufacturer, due to it’s durability.

Acoustic System is a Design of an Earphone’s Audiophile. An Open Acoustic System Based Earphone, cause leakage of sound when you play on high volume. Other People around you, can hear little sound of what you are listening. 

Whereas, In Closed Acoustic System, Ear-tips adjust into your ear canal perfectly and doesn’t cause leakage of sound when you play music on high volume. Nowadays, Most of the earphone comes with closed acoustic system. Here closed acoustic system doesn’t mean to noise cancellation.

Noise Cancellation is Earphone, helps by cancelling outside or background Noise while processing audio to play. This features helps you to hear crystal clear sound while listening music, calling, conferencing or recording voice.

Frequency Coverage of Earphone shows how small and greater range of sound frequency can be covered or detecting and processing by earphone. For Example; Sony WH – 1000XM4 have frequency range of 4 Hz – 24 kHz.

It means if any sound is too low around 4 Hz or greater than this headphone can detect that sound Very Easily. And If Sound Frequency below 24 kHz will also be detectable and You can listen This Frequency Sound Through Headphone’s Speaker.

Rather, Sound Frequency Below 4 Hz or above 24 kHz is not detectable by Headphone. Hence, This Frequency range 4 Hz to 24 kHz of of sound can be covered by headphone, called as frequency range coverage.

Fact: Human Ear can Detect 20 Hz to 20 kHz Sound Frequency.

Sensitivity of Earphones says that sound produced on consumption of one milli-watt electricity. Sound Strength measured in decibels. And In Terms of Electricity, current flows through tiny circuit of earphone is very small, considered in milli-watt. 

As Much more sound produced in one milli-watt, sensitivity of earphone will be increase accordingly. The Earphone, whose sensitivity is high, considered as good quality earphone in terms of power saving and performance. Or, You can say such earphone is more mobile-friendly, because it will not drain your phone battery too much.

Generally, You will get 80 dB to 110 dB sensitivity in normal Earphone.

Nowadays, most of the earphone manufacturer use hybrid driver and Dual Driver for producing Best quality sound. Apart, producing better bass and Noise Cancellation features also depend on type of sound driver used in Your Earphone.

Diaphragm is made up of thin sheet of material which act as transducer, convert mechanical vibration to sound or vice versa. Material used to create diaphragm is completely depand on manufacturer.

When air-pressure of sound waves impact on diaphragm than it will convert into sound signal. Hence, in Different – different type of sound system, material of diaphragm and it’s shape vary.

Manufacturer, decide diaphragm material and it’s shape according to their acoustic system and sound pressure level to give best sound quality.

The Internal Resistance of earphone’s circuit affect the flow of electrical signal, called impedance. It means more impedance cause less electric signal flow through circuit, which means low level sound produced. Ideally, less than 25 ohm impedance preferred in earphone when you are using with smaller devices like; phone, laptop, tabs,etc.

Whereas, If You want to use headphone or earphone with such type of devices which have in-built amplifier like; with large sound system, DJ Equipment and Others. Than You should prefer those headphones who have impedance over 35 ohm. Otherwise, low impedance earphone or headphone goes to be damage.

Sensitivity Basically Indicates That How Louder Earphone will be Produce Sound With What Amount Of Sound Pressure Level, When You Play Any Audio / Video From Source Device. The Driver Sensitivity Measured in Decibels Of Sound Pressure Level Per Milli-watt or dB SPL/mW. 

Usually, You see in Most of the earphone keeps driver sensitivity in 80 – 125 dB SPL/mW range. If You want to buy good drive sensitivity Earphone, Than You should prefer those earphone which should have driver sensitivity in 90 – 12 dB SPL/mW. 

Selection Of Earphone According to Budget

If You have low Budget to Purchase Earphone, Then There is Most Probability You will Not get much satisfying Earphone. Here, I Assumed that you should have Rs. 300 – 500/- to pursue best earphone. In This Case, You may select low budget brand’s Earphone like; Boat, Boult, Samsung, MI & Others.

In This Budget, You can aspect Good bass quality, Tangle – free and approx One Metre Long Earphone Cable. Apart You will 6 months to 1 year warranty on product.

Best Recommendation
boAt Bassheads 100 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

Rating : 4.1/5
1) The powerful 10mm dynamic driver
2) speaker resistance of 16 ohm enables
3) 1.2 meters perfect length cable
4) 1 year warranty

Samsung Wired in Ear Headphones with Mic | Hands-Free with Remote Note

Rating : 4.2/5
1) In Ear Volume Control
2) Water & Sweat Resistant
3) Design: Canal phone
4) 6 months warranty
5) Headphone Jack: 3.5mm

If You have mid-range budget, I assumed Rs. 500 – 1000/- . In This Budget range you will get most popular top-brand earphones with latest features and High Quality Audio Output. You can aspect here every thing which a Earphone should have. Also, You can Do various color & design selection among Earphones. In This Budget range, You can prefer brands like; JBL, Realme, Senheiser & Others.

In This Budget, You can aspect Deep – bass quality, Tangle – free and approx One Metre Long Earphone Cable. Decent Noise Cancellation and Sound Sensitive Mic. Apart You will 1 to 2 year warranty on product.

Best Recommendation
JBL Endurance Run by Harman | Wired Earphones with Mic

Rating : 4.1/5
1) 8.2mm Dynamic Drivers Fliphook Technology headphones
2) Frequency response range (Hz) 20Hz – 20kHz
3) Sweatproof, Flexsoft eartips, Magnetic Earbuds, Fliphook & TwistLock Technology with Voice Assistant Support for Mobiles
4) 1 year warranty

Philips Audio Hi-Res Audio PRO6105BK in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Rating : 3.8/5
1) High resolution audio reproduces
2) Re-engineered 8.6 mm drivers for responsive deep bass
3) Vacuum metallization for luxurious metallic finishing
4) Passive noise isolation
5) 1 Year Warranty

If You have No Problem with Budget. Then You can go with premium Brands. Where you will get all advance features and material built. Also, You will get excellent customer Service. One of the most important things with premium brand is zero defects, real High Quality sound Output, Durable & Available Trendy – stylish Design & Bunch Of Color Varient. Here You can prefer Brands Like, Sennheiser, Skull Candy, Sony, Razer, Shure & Others. 

Best Recommendation

Rating : 4.1/5
1) Sound Isolating design featuring fit kit
2) up to 37 dB of outside noise
3) durable design
4) 2 year warranty

JBL Quantum 50 by Harman Wired in-Ear Gaming Headphone

Rating : 3.7/5
1) Twistlock Technology, Inline Voice Focus Microphone and Master Volume Slider
2) Cable Length Adjuster and Cable Management Channel for Mono use
3) JBL Patented Ergonomic design
4) Passive noise isolation
5) 1 year manufacturers warranty


I Hope You Like This Earphone Buying Guide Post. All The Information Given Above From The Verified Source. While Buying Your New Earphone You Should Care About Only Those Thing Which I Described Above is Enough.

In Addition, I Have to Describe Any Thing Else In This Earphone Buying Guide, You should tell me via Comment. And Many Of You Connected With Me On Social Media. You can DM to give suggestion Regarding This Earphone Buying Guide.

Apart, On Which Topic Next Post You Want, Tell Me I Will Bring For You as soon as possible. If You Find This Earphone Buying Guide Helpful Than Kindly Do Share It with Your Friends and Loving One and help Them In Purchasing Their New Earphone.

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