Best Earphone For Bass In India 2021 - Skull Candy Jib

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Skullcandy Jib Wired in-Ear Earphone with Mic (Black) (S2DUYK-343)

  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Transforms music and movies in a way that makes you feel like you’re there
  • Stability
  • Skullcandy Customer Care Number 0120-4341341 & Customer Care Email ID- [email protected] for customer assistance


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There are Lots Of earphones Flooded in The Market Who Claims for Best Bass. But, Every Earphone Doesn’t give you a satisfactory result.
Many factors depend on the best Bass: Noise cancellation, Sound Driver, Diapharm of Speaker, and So On.

You Don’t Have to Waste Your Valuable Time & Energy in Search Of Best Earphone for Bass. We Make Your Task Easy to Discover Your Best Earphone For Bass.

Here You will Know Customer Most Lovable Earphone, which is Evergreen Best Selling On Amazon. Also, The Earphone Brand Gives you the Best Customer Service, which gives you an overall fabulous User Experience.

Quick Overview

Skull Candy Jib Earphone Delivers Sonic Rich & Crystal Clear Sound. Here Used Latest Technology in Manufacturing Earphone.
This Earphone is Popular Not Only For Its Bass But Also For Its Trendy Design and Marvelous Colors Availability.

The Most Amazing Features which I appreciate is the detachable cable features.
These Features make this earphone very easy to use and Keep Safely.
Apart, This Earphone Cable is tangle-free. Hence, No need to worry about Hassel with Wires.

Skull Candy Jib Earphone Also Know For Lots Of Color Option. The First Brand Who Brings Quirky Design Earphones, which Looks Colorful and Different From Other brands.
It is Also Known For durability & Excellent Customer Service. Skull Candy JiB is an Excellent Quality Earphone For Mid - Range of People.

Skull Candy Jib Earphone has a 3.5mm Jack, which is suitable to plug into Any Audio Source Device, which supports AUX Port. It is Just Required 230v Power for Continuous Stable Audio Streaming.

Apart, You can Consider Here to Get all the basic features of Earphone Like; Good Mic for Calling or Recording.
You can Activate the virtual assistant by pressing the middle button for few seconds.
Unfortunately, Here available only one button on the remote control. Hence, unable to do volume up & down.

About Skull Candy Jib Wired In-Ear Earphone


This Earphone is Black, Whereas; You will Get the Other color option too. Its Earpiece is small which is easily indulge in the ear.
We can not see any Ear - Hanger and Fancy Earpiece Design in This Earphone. Also, Remote Control Design is Very Simple and Doesn't have any Clip, and It's Okay. Clip Doesn't Matter Lot.
But This Earphone design isn't much stylish and Fashionable. Rather, It Looks very simple and has a Polished Surface that Looks Shiny.

Bass & Treble

If We talk about its bass, then this is the Best Earphone for Bass. Rather, It has a decent treble. Easy to feel deep bass on playing EDM. On High Volume, you can easily feel drops and high.
Whereas, On 70% and Below Volume Bass Effect Decreased. In Case of treble, You can Feel Mid-level Quality, Around 2.5 kHz Frequency—this Earphone provides HD Quality Clear Audible without Any Sharp Noise or Crackling Sound.

Remote Control

Its Remain Control is made up of plastic which looks like cheap quality. Here Available a Single Button for Multi-Purpose usage.
You can Pick Calls, Play/pause your media. Also, You can activate your virtual assistant like Google, Alexa or Siri by tapping a little longer on the button.
Apart, Mic is in-built inside the remote control. Hence, Remote Control quality is good, But not so durable.


This Earphone is Very Lightweight & Compact enough to keep it in your Pocket Easily. And It has Tangle - Free Wire, which makes it easy to use while needed. You can easily pass its wire through the shirt, and It Wouldn't bother or pain due to Thin Wire.
Its Earpiece is Small and has a balanced length from Node. Also Very Lightweight. Hence, You Don't Feel Bulky or Ear-pain on Longer Use.
Rather, Its Eartips are Smooth and Soft, Which is made up of Rubber. Eartips provide good grip in-ear. Therefore, You can Comfortably use it while moving, jogging and in the office.


Its Microphone quality is really good. Microphone voice detection sensitivity is also superb. It can detect low to very clearly. It is in-built in remote control box.
And it is Fully Optimised with remote control to pick and drop calls. Skull candy Jib Microphone Noise Isolation is good. It canceled out Ambient Noise Around to Deliver Disturbanceless communication and voice recording.
Its Voice Recording is Good. If You put the mic too close to your mouth, It seems that little breathing sound is heard in the recording.


This Earphone is easy to carry and keep in a small pocket too. Also, This Earphone is very lightweight and strong enough.
Its wire length is one meter with enough wire length to connect the Earphone easily if your phone keeps it into your jeans pocket without stressing the wire.
Another cool feature of this Earphone is a detachable cable which makes portability to the next level. You can carry it to go anywhere and use it anytime, completely Hassel- free.

Build Quality

The material used to build skull candy Jib Earphone is Plastic. It is Strong enough to keep your earphone secure from normal hits or accidental falls.
But, Its Build Quality is a little disappointing because of least earpiece should have to be made up of metals. Rather, Remote Control also looks like cheap build quality made up of plastic.

Noise Isolation

It Noise Isolation is Nice. Noise Cancellation features also seem effective while listening to music on low volume.
Even When You Put The Earpiece in Ear Canal Without playing music, you can Notice Noise Around Becomes Reduced.
A Decent Noise Isolation Effect Seems Also With Microphone While Recording and Calling.


This Earphone Compatibility with almost every device, which has a 3.5 mm AUX Jack Port.
You can Use It on Android phones, Featured Phones, Laptops, Computers & Other Devices too. Hence, You don't need to worry about compatibility.

In The Box

You Will Get One Skull Candy Jib In-Ear Wired Earphone, One Warranty Card and Three Different Sizes Of Eartips.


Simple & Professional Design

Multiple Color Option

Comfortable & Easy To Use

Excellent Bass Quality


Very Thin WIre

No Optional Eartips

Delay Customer Service

How Skull Candy Jib Wired In-Ear Earphone Useful For You

Listening Music And Watching Music

Just Plug and Play to Feel The Beats. It Supports Various Kind Of Audio Files Format Whether It is mp3, AAC or Others.

There is No Crackling, and Noisy Sound Occurs While Listening to Music and Watching Movies. Apart, You can Feel Bass, Mids and Shrillness Of Sounds in Various Sound Range.

While Watching Movies, You can Feel The Background Track. Hence, This Earphone is Perfect For Listening to Music and Watching Movies.

Gaming and Sports

Latency Of This Earphone is Very Less Around 100 ms. There are Always Huge Hassel with Gamers of Earphones—many Gamers Complaints about delay sound transmission or Sound Deliver On a Gap of Few Seconds.

In such a case, You can Choose this Earphone For Gaming. You Hear Real-time Audio Streaming without delay.

Rather, You can easily hear the footstep sound of Enemy From the Right / Left Earpiece depending on Enemy Direction.

Suppose You want to Use This Earphone For Outdoor Sports or Gym. Then You can Go with it. But, It will not give the best user experience in such a Case. Also, there will be a Huge Chance Of Damaging earphones.

Hence, My Suggestion is to Buy More Better Earphone For Outdoor Sports, Gym or Jogging. Here is a Few Best Recommended Earphone:—

Marshall 4090939 Mode in-Ear Headphones

Mode offers a huge sound in a small package. Featuring customized drivers delivering high-output sound at minimal distortion.


Marshall mode in-ear headphones
Durable connection
The perfect fit
Microphone and remote
Check Price

For Travelling

This Earphone is Ultralight weight and super portable. Its Wire Length is 1.2 meters. Therefore, You can Use It Easily and Hassel Free while walking or Travelling.

Its Detachable Cable Features Makes Extra – Ordinary Among Other Earphones. To Use Mono Earpiece While Travelling. You can Go with Best Earphone for Bass Skull Candy JiB.

For Office Usage

Due to its fabulous features and Super Portability, You can use it in the office comfortably. Its Earpiece is very small, and Eartip is too Smooth.

You can Use It for a longer period without ear pain or irritation. Rather, Its Detachable cable allows you to use a mono Earpiece while working in the office.
Easily Pickup and Drop calls with remote control, Hassel – Freee Online Meeting or Conference Calls. It Filters Ambient Noise and Delivers the Best Sound Quality to hear every word.

For Listening Audio books and Podcasts.

Yes, You can use it for listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Just Plug and Play and Get into your Nirvana. Due to its lightweight and portability, You can carry it anywhere and use it anytime to listen to your favorite audiobooks and Podcasts.

Whether You can Play or Pause Your Audiobooks or Podcasts via Remote Control. Apart, One of the interesting features of this detachable earphone cable allows you to use mono audiophiles.

Hence, You can do listen to podcasts and audiobooks while Travelling or working at Office or Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skull Candy Jib Earphone will be a Good Choice for Best Earphone For Bass in Mid – Range Price Segment. This Earphone Deliver Bass Rich and Clear True HD Audio. Skull Candy Use Supreme Quality Sound Driver For Bass Boost and Enhancing Audio Quality. That’s Why It’s Best Earphone For Bass.

Rather, Noise Isolation Ear Gels Sealed out unwanted Sound and Filter Ambient Noise to Deliver Great Sound Experience. Also, This Earphone is Compatible with Multiple Devices and is Very Portable. It is Very Easy to Use and Keep Safely with Its Detachable Cable Features. If You have a Budget Below 1000 INR. You can Consider to Buy It, and You will not be disappointed.

Yes, This Earphone Has an In-built Mic. The mic is so sensitive and Featured Noise Isolation. Hence, there is no Quality Compromise with Audio on Recording or Calling. It can filter Ambient Noise Around to Deliver Clear Voice Over Wire. Hence, You can Say It is Not Only Best Earphone For Bass But Also, Best In Noise Cancellation.

Skull Candy is One Of The Best Earphone Brands in India. The First Brand Who Brings Quirky Design Earphones, which Looks Colorful and Different From Other brands.
Hence, It attracts Mostly Youths who want to use Trendy Earphones—the First Kind of Brands Who Use to Paint Their Earphones & Headphones with Mix Vibrant Colors. Thus, Skull Candy User Looks Fashionable with Its Trendy Design Earphone.

Another Thing To Love Apart From Skull Candy’s trendy Design & Attractive Colors is Ideal For Rough Daily Usage. Also, Due to the Affordable Price on Which Price Middle Economical Class People can do Afford Easily. Its Price Range Starts From 300 INR and Goes Up According to Features, Design & Colors You will Choose.

The Unique Selling Point Of Skull Candy is Trending & Durability. Its Customer Service is Great. The Sound Quality on High-Resolution Audio becomes Sharp Sound. Its Earphones are very Comfortable to Use For a Longer Period without Feeling Irritation & Pain in Ear.

Therefore, Skull Candy is a Popular and Excellent Brand in Audio Devices. Especially, In Best Earphone For Bass.

Generally, Skull Candy Earphone works for a Longer period. Even sometimes, it crosses its warranty period, and there is no issue found in the Earphone.

But, ultimately, it depends upon your usage if You want to use it for sports, jogging or gym. Then there is a High Chance That It will Stop working after 6 – 7 Months. As You can see, its wire is Very Thin and doesn’t look strong enough. 

Hence, My Suggestion is that Don’t Buy It for Workouts or sports. In contrast, Skull Candy gives One Warranty on This Earphone. So that, You will get Easy Replacement if earphones stop working.

This Earphone will work Long Last if You use it as casual, like working in Office or At Home. Also, While Driving, Walking and For Other Casual Usage.

Skull candy is a good brand in front of Beats. You can Find Trendy, Stylish & Colorful Earphones, Headphones and Earbuds in Skull Candy Gallery. In comparison, Beats Doesn’t Have Much Broad Option as Skull Candy.
Beats Charges a High Price For the Same Quality Of Sound, which You will Get in Skull Candy Products. Also, You can Use Latest Technology at Less Price with Skull Candy. If You have Mid – Economic Budget, Than There is a High Chance You will have to compromise with Beat Products Either Quality or Features. Hence, Skull Candy could be a Good Choice For You.

No, Earphone Doesn’t Damage Your Brain in any Form. If You already have any disease related to your brain. In That Case, There should be a possibility that Earphone put inverse Effect On Your Brain.
You should Consult with Your Doctor Before Using Earphone if You have Brain Disease and wanna use Earphone in such a case. Then Keep Volume Low, Not More Than 50%.
In General, Sense, When You Over Using Earphone On High Volume Than It Affect You Ear-drum. Not Your Brain. Hence, Use High Volume Rarely to Avoid These Problems.
If You want to Use Feel Bass and High Volume Music Always Then My Suggestion is That Use Sound System & Be High.

Both brands are Good in Their Place. Both Focus On Youth Oriented Products and are Suitable For Workout & Rough Usage.

Both Brand Gives Same Class Customer Service. And Provide the Best Quality with Latest Technology.

In such a Case, Differentiation could be a little difficult. But, According to My Opinion, If You want a Trendy Design, Stylish, and Lots Of Colors Option. Then You should go with Skull Candy.
If You are Looking For Best Quality Product at Less Price And You don’t care much about colors, design or technology. Then You should go by Boat.

Due to Skull Candy Focus On Design, Colors, Trends, Latest Technology and Youth Oriented Products. Hence, It Price is Slightly High Than Boat.

No, Sony Always Holds Its High Position in Every Kind Of Case. Whether It is Latest Technology, A+ Customer Service, Brand Value or Trust.

Because Sony is an Old & Established Brand in India. Whether Its Target Customer is Working Class People or High-Class People.

Whereas, You can’t see Lots Of Colors and Design Options on Sony. You will Easily get in Skull Candy. One Of The Best Things About Skull Candy is It Deliver Best Features & Specs with a Trendy, Stylish Design at On Low Price.
If You care Much About Branded Products and have No Issue with Money, Than You Should Go with Sony Products. Rather, You have Low or Mid Size Budget, Than You can stay with Skull Candy.

Amazon User Reviews
Shishir Shetty
Shishir Shetty
Top-notch quality with a really good value for money
Read More
Sound quality is outstanding, the bass it provides is just really amazing, Best Earphone For Bass build is stylish yet simple making it look good on almost any person in my opinion.

For the money I paid for it, this is a product with a quality beyond this rate set for it. The mic however is sensitive to press, too much pressure might break it. But that isn't an issue, I have zero issues with it. Don't ponder over any other product, BUY it!!… because it is definitely worth it👍🏻
Very robust, I used this for 16 months. Go for it. Base is very nice. Superb
Read More
I am using this product since Feb 2019, and yesterday night the right side earphone stopped working, hence I ordered another from Amazon.

I must tell you these are just amazing headphones 16 months of uninterupped service I mean it's too much for a headphones. I am impressed. Just today I ordered another headphone because I loved it.
Aditi Sarkar
Aditi Sarkar
It has an awesome noise cancellation feature
Read More
Only problem with this kind of design is that it will carry all your ear wax. So please consider not sharing it with others. It has an awesome noise cancellation feature.

Put it in your ears and you will hear only music. It has its own drawback - can not hear anything if I use these while driving. The mic button is pretty sensitive so my mobile gets activated at weird times, but that is no issue. Hence, I Would Like to Say It is One Of The Best Earphone For Bass.
Brilliant bass, excellent nosie cancellation and superior sound quality bit a very fragile product!
Read More
Superior sound quality, excellent nosie cancellation and typical Skullcandy style Best Earphone For Bass. I love Skullcandy for its unique sounding bass in all of their headsets and earphones which is why I continue to buy it. Also Due to I Suppose it Best Earphone For Bass. However, as many of the reviews have already pointed out, it is very fragile indeed.

The cord if moved slightly causes disturbances and after couple of months of almost daily use, one side of the earphones stops functioning, mostly the right side coz the cord gets loosened over a period of time. I really wish Skullcandy would fix this problem permanently! Otherwise a brilliant product which is why I continue to buy it even though it's extremely fragile. The pros outweigh the cons!
Kuljot Singh
Kuljot Singh
Good purchase for the price!
Read More
I have purchased these pair of earphones only as my secondary earphones - I am quite surprised at the reviews that this product have received.

I have personally liked the Best Earphone For Bass sound quality of the earphones for this price - I also tried the JBL c200si but I can say that the Skullcandy is doing a better job in Best Earphone For Bass than JBL at this price. Trust me - Go for it! Not to forget you get 2 YEARS International warranty for this product.

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