RealMe Buds 2 Neo In-Ear Wired Earphone - Specs | Review | FAQs

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realme Buds 2 Neo in-Ear Wired Earphones with HD Mic for Android Smartphones

  • LARGE 11.2mm BASS Boost Driver made of multi-layer Composite Diaphragm
  • Experience high fidelity music with rich, deep, powerful yet accurate BASS response
  • 1.3m LONG Cable designed with highly durable sweatproof TPU material.
  • Built-in single remote allows easy control for calls and music
  • In-line HD Microphone for crystal clear calling experience


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RealMe Launched It’s Latest Wired Earphone with Trendy Technology Ready. It Supports all devices via 3.5 MM AUX Port.

Within Very Less Time It Gains Huge Love From Satisfied Customer. Around 92,386 people rated this earphone 4.3 out of 5 stars. 

Also, It Price Positioning is Under 500 INR. Hence, Almost Every Smartphone User Can Also Experience It’s Latest Technology & Quality.

So, Without Wasting Any More Time Let’s Know About This Fabulous Earphone.

Quick Overview

RealMe Buds 2 Neo In- Ear Wired Earphone Delivers Sonic Rich & Crystal Clear Sound. Here Used Latest Technology in Manufacturing Earphone.
This Earphone is Popular Not Only For It's Bass, But Also For Its Trendy Design and Marvelous Colors Availability.

Apart, This Earphone Cable is tangle-free. Hence, No need to worry about Hassel with Wires.
RealMe Buds 2 Neo In- Ear Wired Earphone have 90 degree angle shaped audio jack to provide durability and better grip while jogging, gym, or gaming.

RealMe Buds 2 Neo In- Ear Wired Earphone Also Know For Lots Of Color Option. It is the First Brand Who Brings Quirky Design Earphones which Looks Colorful and Different From Other brands.
It is Also Known For durability & Excellent Customer Service. This is a Excellent Quality Earphone For Under 500 INR Budget.

RealMe Buds 2 Neo In- Ear Wired Earphone has 3.5mm Jack, which is suitable to plug into Any Audio Source Devices, which supports AUX Port.

Apart, You can Consider Here to Get all basic features of Earphone Like; Good Mic for Calling or Recording.
You can Activate virtual assistant by pressing middle button for few seconds.
Unfortunately, Here available only one button on remote control. hence, unable to do volume up & down.

Credit: Arshad Ahmad

About realme Buds 2 Neo in-Ear Wired Earphones


This Earphone is Black in Color, Whereas, You will Get Other color option too. Its Earpiece is small which is easily indulge in the ear.
We cannot see any Ear - Hanger and Fancy Earpiece Design in This Earphone. Also Remote Control Design is Very Simple and Doesn't have any Kind Of Clip.
But This Earphone design is stylish and Trendy. Rather, It Looks very simple and have Polished Surface which Looks Shiny.
On Wearing This Earphone, It Looks Classy and Very Comfortable.

Bass & Treble

If We talk about its bass than this is the Best Earphone for Bass. Rather, It has decent treble.
RealMe Acoustic Designed It with Latest Technology Sound Driver Of 11.2 MM (Dynamic Driver), Which will provide you Deep & More Powerful Bass
Whereas, On 70% and Below Volume Bass Effect Decreased. This Earphone Provide HD Quality Clear Audible without Any Sharp Noise or Crackling Sound.

Remote Control

Its Remote Control is made up of plastic which looks like cheap quality. Here Available Single Button for Multi -Purpose usage.
You can Pick a Calls, Play/pause your media . Also, You can activate your virtual assistant like google, alexa or Siri on tapping little longer on button.
Apart, Mic is in-built inside remote control. Hence, Remote Control quality is good, But not so durable.


This Earphone is a Very Lightweight, just 14 gram & Compact enough to keep it in Pocket Easily. And It has Tangle - Free Wire, which makes Easy to use while needed. You can Easily pass its wire through shirt and It Wouldn't bother or pain due to Thin Wire.
Its Earpiece is Small and have balanced length from Node. Also Very Lightweight. Hence, You Don't Feel Bulky or Ear-pain on Longer Use.
Rather, Its Eartips is Smooth and Soft Which is made up of Rubber. Eartips provide sufficient grip in-ear. Therefore, You can Comfortably use it while moving, jogging and in office.


Its Microphone quality is really good. In This Earphone, Omnidirectional Mic Technology has been used to make Microphone voice detection sensitivity also superb.
It can detects low too very clearly. It is in-built in remote control box.And Fully Optimised with remote control to pick and drop calls.
realme Buds 2 Neo in-Ear Wired Earphone's Microphone Noise Isolation is good. It cancelled out Ambient Noise Around to Deliver Disturbance less communication and voice recording.
Its Voice Recording is Good. If If You put mic too close to mouth, It seems that little breathing sound heard in recording.


This Earphone is really easy to carry and keep in small pocket too. Also, This earphone is very light weight (Just 14 gram) and strong enough.
Its wire length is 1.3 metre which enough wire length to connect earphone easily if your phone keep into your jeans pocket without stressing on wire.

Build Quality

Material used to build skull candy Jib Earphone is Plastic. It is Strong enough to keep your earphone secure from normal hits or accidental falls.
But, It's Build Quality is Little disappointing because of at least earpiece should have to be made up of metals.
Rather, Remote Control is also looks like cheap build quality made up of plastic. But, According To Under 500 Budget Earphone, It Meets Many Expectation Apart, Build Quality.

Noise Isolation

It Noise Isolation is Nice. Noise Cancellation features also seems as effective while listening music on low volume.
A Decent Noise Isolation Effect Seems Also With Microphone While Recording and Calling.


This Earphone Compitability with almost every devices which have 3.5 mm AUX Jack Port.
You can Use It in Android phone, Featured Phone, Laptops, Computers & Other Devices too. Hence, You don't Need to worry about compitability.

In The Box

You Will Get One realme Buds 2 Neo in-Ear Wired Earphone, One Warranty Card, manuals and Three Different Sizes Of Eartips.


Trendy & Stylish Design

Multiple Color Option

Comfortable & Easy To Use

1.3 Metre Long Cable

Excellent Bass Quality with 11.2 mm Dynamic Driver


Low Quality Remote Control and Have One Multi-Button Only

Build Quality is Little Low

Delay Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Skull Candy Jib Earphone will be a Good Choice for Best Earphone For Bass in Mid – Range Price Segment. This Earphone Deliver Bass Rich and Clear True HD Audio. Skull Candy Use Supreme Quality Sound Driver For Bass Boost and Enhancing Audio Quality. That’s Why It’s Best Earphone For Bass.

Rather, Noise Isolation Ear Gels Sealed out unwanted Sound and Filter Ambient Noise to Deliver Great Sound Experience. Also, This Earphone Compatible with Multiple Devices and Very Portable. It is Very Easy to Use and Keep Safely with Its Detachable Cable Features. If You have Budget Below 1000 INR. You can Consider to Buy It, You will not be Disappointed.

Yes, This Earphone Have a In-built Mic. This is a so sensitive and Featured with Noise Isolation. Hence, There is no Quality Compromise with Audio on Recording or Calling. It can filter Ambient Noise Around to Deliver Clear Voice Over Wire. Hence, You can Say It is Not Only Best Earphone For Bass, But Also, Best In Noise Cancellation.

Skull Candy is One Of The Best Earphone Brand in India. It is the First Brand Who Brings Quirky Design Earphones which Looks Colorful and Different From Other brands.

Hence, It attracts Mostly Youths who want to use Trendy Earphones—the First Kind of Brands Who Use to Paint Their Earphones & Headphones with Mix Vibrant Colors. Thus, Skull Candy User Looks Fashionable with Its Trendy Design Earphone.

Another Thing To Love Apart From Skull Candy’s trendy Design & Attractive Colors is Ideal For Rough Daily Usage. Also, Due to the Affordable Price on Which Price Middle Economical Class People can do Afford Easily. Its Price Range Starts From 300 INR and Goes Up According to Features, Design & Colors You will Choose.

The Unique Selling Point Of Skull Candy is Trending & Durability. Its Customer Service is Great. The Sound Quality on High-Resolution Audio become Sharp Sound. Its Earphones are very Comfortable to Use For a Longer Period without Feeling Irritation & Pain in Ear.

Therefore, Skull Cnady is a Popular and Excellent Brand in Audio Devices. Especially, In Best Earphone For Bass.

Generally, Skull Candy Earphone works for Longer time period. Even sometime it cross its warranty period and There are no issue found in earphone.

But, Ultimately it depands upon your usage. If You want to use it for sports, jogging or gym. Than There is a High Chance That It will Stop working after 6 – 7 Months. As You can see its wire is Very Thin and doesn’t looks like strong enough.

Hence, My Suggestion is that Don’t Buy It for Workout or sports. Whereas, Skull Candy gives One Warranty on This Earphone. So that, You will get Easy Replacement if earphone stop working.

This Earphone will work Long Last if You use it as casual Like, While Working in Office or At Home. Also While Driving, Walking and For Other Casual Usage.

Obviously, Skull candy is a good brand in front of Beats. You can Find Trendy, Stylish & Colorful Earphones, Headphones and Earbuds in Skull Candy Gallery. Whereas, Beats Doesn’t Have Much Broad Option as Skull Candy.

Apart, Beats Charges High Price For Same Quality Of Sound which You will Get in Skull Candy Products. Also You can Use Latest Technology on Less Price with Skull Candy. If You have Mid – Economic Budget, Than There is a High Chance You will have to be Compromise with Beat Product’s Either Quality or Features. Hence, Skull Candy could be a Good Choice For You.

No, Earphone Doesn’t Damage Your Brain in any Form. If You already have any kind of disease related to your brain. In That Case, There should be possibility that Earphone put inverse Effect On Your Brain.

In Such Case, You should Consult with Your Doctor Before Using Earphone. If You have Brain Disease and wanna use Earphone  Than Keep Volume Low, Not More Than 50%.

In General Sense, When You Over Using Earphone On High Volume Than It Affect You Ear-drum. Not Your Brain. Hence, Use High Volume Rarely to Avoid These Problems.

If You want to Use Feel Bass and High Volume Music Always Than My Suggestion is That Use Sound System & Be High.

Both Brand are Good on Their Place. Both Focus On Youth Oriented Product and Suitable For Workout & Rough Usage. Both Brand Gives Same Class Customer Service. And Provide Best Quality with Latest Technology.

In Such Case, Differentiation could be little difficult. But, According to My Opinion, If You want Trendy Design, Stylish, and Lots Of Colors Option. Than You should go with Skull Candy.

If You are Looking For Best Quality Product at Less Price And You don’t care much about colors, design or technology. Than You should go with Boat. 

Due to Skull Candy Focus On Design, Colors, Trends, Latest Technology and Youth Oriented Products. Hence, It Price Slightly High Than Boat.

No, Sony Always Holds Its High Position in Every Kind Of Case. Whether It is Latest Technology, A+ Customer Service, Brand Value or Trust.

Because Sony is a Old & Established Brand in India. Whether Its Target Customer is Working Class People or High Class People.

Whereas, You can’t see Lots Of Colors and Design Option in Sony. You will Easily get in Skull Candy. One Of The Best Thing Of Skull Candy is It Deliver Best Features & Specs with Trendy Stylish Design On Low Price.

If You care Much About Branded Products and have No Issue with Money Than You Should Definitely Go with Sony Products. Rather, You have Low or Mid Size Budget Than You can stay with Skull Candy.

Amazon User Reviews
Priyanshu Saini
Priyanshu Saini
Boat bassheads 225 vs realme buds 2
Read More
Built-Boat bassheads build quality is great but realme is better than them
Audio- when i used boat earphone i was shocked from its loudness if you want earphones with great volume then go with boat.
Bass lover would love realme buds Service- my boat bassheads one side stop working when i contacted service center in a week it was replace.
Realme service i have not any idea Overall 4/5 to boat and 4/5 to realme also Now its your choice to choose the right one.
I suggest better go with realme
Honest review from a JBL fanboy. Only Rs. 599, seriously??
Read More
I'm a diehard audiophile and have been using a lot of headphones. I don't usually buy expensive ones and mostly opt ones below 2k.
Let me tell you, I fell in love with this buddy the very moment i put it in my ears. I was a JBL fanboy but lately there is a lot of quality issue with their products so I took a chance and bought this.

In sub 1.5k range I can guarantee this is the best vfm product right now in the market.


1. Build quality (is awesome)

-Way better than JBL and Boat.
Braided wire till splitter and earpiece ribbed wire is of good quality and feels durable.
-You get magnetic tips too.
-Mic clarity is good.
-Buttons give a good feedback and feels premium.
-Overall it gives premium feel. Didnt expect this much quality for Rs. 599.

2. Sound Quality

Bass is just great, I mean GREAT and it does not muffle up mids and lows. Sounds more like JBL T110. Mid and low are also great. With proper equaliser setting, this guy will blow your audiophile brain.

This is just soo good. Hope it will last long. Will update on durability after usage.

# Update after 7 months of usage : Still going strong as the first day. No quality issues till now. Seems durable.
sagar singh
sagar singh
Excellent in-ear earphones for this price. Unbeatable audio and physical quality
Read More
People who said the bass is not great either don't know what they are talking about or have a crappy phone.
This is my day 1 review based on first experience. Sound quality is good. Snug fit in the ear (default buds). Seems very comfortable. I barely feel there are earphones in my ears.
At 20% volume, I am unable to hear the surroundings, The sound is that high. The green color earphones look so good.
The lower section is braided to allow tangle free handling. There is a cable organizer as a bonus addition. Magnetic tops to give additional flexibility to clip them together.
What else people expect At this price, I fail to understand. Go and get it if you are looking for a good comfortable stylish earphones. It is a no brainer.

I use a skull candy crushers over the ear headphones, a pair of harp divine 3 truly wireless earbuds and an avid music listener, so I believe I have a decent experience with earphones.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Great music quality. Works well with phones which didn't come with earphones in their box.
Read More
Working great with my Samsung Galaxy M30s which didn't come with it's own headphone/earphone. Ordered it a long time back. The length of wire (from ears to where both wires are become one) is equal, thus it doesn't give a tacky look in metro/office.
Mic wires great. Sound quality is great. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised cause I had started to believe only earphones of the parent company (same company as that of the phone) work well with a mobile.

I have tried JBL, skull candy earphones in the past ( the most affordable ones which come at the top of amazon search page when you type earphones). They are pathetic. I gave them to my family members.

My go to choice so far was Sony White headphone which you get from 490 or 599 maybe (depends on the sale price then).
I found these Realme headphones better than Sony in Bass. With Sony, even at the max volume , I would feel the need to play it louder.
No such issue with this Realme earphone as the music/bass thirst is satisfied greatly at a few levels below the max volume itself.

As far as official ON VIDEO CALL look is concerned, I suggest you go with typical white earphones as green although fancy, doesn't look that well. I am thinking of buying white Sony headphones yet again just for video calls.
Also, with these realms earphones , you have to constantly separate left and right wire while on calls. Cause they come together and cup your face.
Sony headphones don't do that(The upper part is longer there). If the look and green color specifically doesn't matter to you on webinars, totally go for it as the music quality won't disappoint you.

Storing these realme earphones is easy. It doesn't tangle much. It's because bottom part (below the connector) has fabric like feel.
The upper part is rubbery, only this part tangles. Refer to pic. Notify me if you found this helpful, by Upvoting.
Aman Singh
Aman Singh
Awesomeness Overloaded W.R.T Sound Quality | Durability | Noise Cancellation
Read More
I bought this Earphone as a replacement for my Boat Earphone. I mostly use earphones for listing to music and will use them as a headset for my Pubg mobile game which is why I needed the one with a mic.
I found great reviews on realme 1 buds. so, I thought newer version will also do justice & at a decent price so wanted to try them out.

I am comparing them with my Boat, (which speaker went out on one side but just came back).

⚫ Sound Quality:
The sound quality is actually very good! I'm impressed by crisp and clean sound with good bass! They are not headphones but for earbuds, they are top of my list even better than my boat which I thought were amazing.
You get a nice bass at all volume levels and at higher levels the quality is still great and crisp/clear.

⚫ Durability:
I can't say too much since this is a day 2 review, I am going to try and come back in a month to do a follow up on how well they are!
But initial thoughts it looks durable as it comes with high quality braided cable, Mic/Volume control/3.5mm Jack all feel solid and durable.
We will see how long they last from daily use as an IT professional & part-time mobile gamer. (I will also update the stars for Durability is they prove me wrong).

⚫ Noise Cancellation: Buds are very soft & comfortable & fit very well n isolate outside noise. And gives you the freedom to use in crowded places as well

⚫ Cons:
Normal 3.5mm jack (No angled jack) Cable above mic seems like average quality & frankly, I don't like upper side cable design

⚫ Overall under 600, these Earphones sounds GREAT! I hope to return in the future to update my review using them for 30 days.
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