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Which Earphone Brand is Best in India? Hay Guys! I’m a music lover and I usually used to Explore various Earphones of Top Brands which should be cost effective & have best Sound Experience. If you are wasting so much time on googling about best earphone than you don’t need to do after reading this blog.
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Earphones are Most popular Audio Device to stay hands-free. It gives you personalised sound experience without disturbing anybody else. Due to It’s Great Popularity, Lots of brands come in this Industry. These Days Market Overfloded with various design & Featured Earphones, which makes confusion with people which one should be exactly I have to buy according to my need & Pocket.

In this Post, you will do know about Popular Trustful Brands which will give you exellent customer service. And  Their Best Earphone which you have to buy. Below I will give you link of those products. Here I will also share with you my personal Experience & Opinon of those Earphones.

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Boat Lifestyle











Let's Know More About Boat Sony JBL Sennheiser Zebronics Philips Xiomi MI RealMe Skull Candy Portronics One By One


The Boat is One Of The Best Earphone Brand in the Earphone Industry. Aman Gupta and Sameer Ashok Mehta established this Brand in 2015 in India. And Popular in The Market due to its best Audio Devices and Other Tech Accessories. This Brand sells not only earphones but also Speakers, Soundbars, Cables, Chargers & More. Those Days When Boat Established, Earphones Brands Like; JBL & Bose Charges High Price to Provide Best Quality Products. Boat Start Selling at Low Price. Therefore, when Boat Entered into Market, it gains popularity due to its user-friendly, pocket-friendly, and sustainable electronics goods. Boat Products Created an Amazing User Experience that always gets a 3.5 or Above Out Of 5 Points Rating From Customer Feedback. The Boat makes Its Products too Affordable that Middle-Class families can Purchase Easily These Days.


Sony is One Of The Oldest & Best Earphone Brand in India and The Top Earphone Brands in The World. It Makes Fancy Headphones which Comes with Exciting Features & Designs.

Sony Spends High in Its Brand Value. Hence, There is a Rage In The Public About Sony. Its headphone & Earphones are Sleek and Polished, which Give Them a Very Formal Look. Its targeted Customer is Working Class People & High-Class People Who can Afford Its Products.

Suppose You are Brand Conscious and Doesn’t Worry On Spending Extra Money. Then You Should have to Go with Sony. Sony is Trustful & Provides the Best Customer Service.

3. JBL

JBL is Known For Its Premium Quality & Customer Service. It has most Competitive Pricing than Other Premium Earphones brands. It Prioritises Sound Quality & User Experience.

JBL gets Excellent Customer Feedback due to its Outstanding Base & Thrilling Surround Sound in Its High-end Varient Products. JBL Earphone Price Starts From Rs. 500/- and It Keeps Price Always Slightly Higher Than Other Brands. JBL Provides Various Colors & Stylish Design Products Which Give It a Premium Product Status. JBL Sells Wired & Wireless Products. JBL Customer Feedback Rating Always in Between 3.4 to 4.6 Out Of 5. It Also Gives Good Customer Service. Hence, It is Also Considered as Best Earphone Brand in India

4. Sennheiser

Sennheiser is one of the Top Premium Best Earphone Brand, Not Only in India But Also Across The World. All Sennheiser Product Engineered with Stylish Design & premium Sound Quality Which Gives Exhilarating Experience to Its Customer.

If You Want Earphone Having Specification Like; Bass, Noise Cancelation, Descent Design Than You can Prefer Sennheiser Earphone. If You are using Earphone Roughly and Constantly Using Earphone Than, Sennheiser Earphone can not be Suits You. Whereas, It’s Sound Quality Comparing with Other Low Price Earphone is Amazing. Due to This Quality Sound Experience, Sennheiser is the Most Popular Among Music Community.


Zebronics Hold Its Position in India’s Top 10 Best Earphone Brand. Due To Its Unique Competitive Advantage is EQR (Excellence, Quality & Reliability).

Zebronics is not only an Earphone Brand but Also a Lifestyle Brand. Because It Manufacturing Other IT Products Like; Gaming Accessories, Surveillance Equipment & Others. Zebronics gives You Exceptionally Strong and Robust Products. You can Use Its Product Roughly. Zebronics Know For Excellent Features & Robust Quality. These Brands Products are Available at Affordable Prices & No Compromise with Quality. It also has a Huge Wired & Wireless Product Variant.


Phillips is a Dutch Brand Of Electronics. It’s Become Popular Due to Innovative Approach in Products At Low Price. This Brand’s Earphones Engineered According to Trending Design and Best Sound Quality in Cost-Effective Method.

It Provides wide Range Oof Phillips Earphones & Headphones which are Accessible For Everybody. So that Middle-Class People Of India can Easily Afford it. Its Earphone is Comfortable with Sleek Design & Having Descent Noice Cancelling Features, which Make It Best Earphone Brand in India.


MI Captured Huge Market Of Electronics in India, Especially in Mobile Phone Industry. It Isn’t Sell Only Earphones, But Also, Laptops, TVs, & Other Electronics Items.

MI Considered as Best Electronics Brand in India. You can Easily Locate It’s Service Centre in Your City or Nearby City. That is Why Within Less Time, It Gains Huge Popularity Among People.

Audio Devices of MI have Sharp Sound Quality. While Using Its Earphone, You may detect Minimal Dispersion of Sound. Direct Sound with Minimal Distortion is Exceptional in The Sense of Sound Quality. 

Therefore, You can say Its Sound Quality & Noice Cancellation is Pretty Good According to Its Price. MI Always Provides Value For Money Products. If You want to Buy MI Earphones, You will not regret it.

The Best Part of MI Product is Its Customer Service, Which I Personally Experience and Ii Appreciate. Where Other Brands Takes 2 -3 Weeks for Service, It gives you Service In Same Day. 

Remember, Before Visiting MI Service Centre, You Must take an Appointment on Hate to Wait App Of MI.

8. RealMe

Enjoy India’s initial magnetic earphones out of a brand new smartphone. Built-in magnets create carrying and tidying your earphones as a breeze. Realme is a tech brand formally established on May 4, 2018, by Sky Li. All realme aspires to supply products with an extensive exceptional experience for the young. The realme Targeted Customer is Youth. It is a trendsetting tech brand. It Makes Modification in Exciting Products and Launches New Products According to Trends in Market Which Should be User-friendly and Loved By Customers.

As a result of skills in the cutting-edge technology of earphones and IoT, realme brings customers products with trendsetting technology, attributes, and trendsetting experiences applied in the purchase price segment, which makes It Best Earphone Brand in India. It Keeps Price Low that Middle-Class People can also Afford Easily.


Skull Candy is One Of The Best Earphone Brand in India. It is the First Brand Who Brings Quirky Design Earphones which Looks Colorful and Different From Other brands. Hence, It attracts Mostly Youths who want to use Trendy Earphones—the First Kind of Brands Who Use to Paint Their Earphones & Headphones with Mix Vibrant Colors. Thus, Skull Candy User Looks Fashionable with Its Trendy Design Earphone.

Another Thing To Love Apart From Skull Candy’s trendy Design & Attractive Colors is Ideal For Rough Daily Usage. Also, Due to the Affordable Price on Which Price Middle Economical Class People can do Afford Easily. Its Price Range Starts From 300 INR and Goes Up According to Features, Design & Colors You will Choose. The Unique Selling Point Of Skull Candy is Trending & Durability. Its Customer Service is Great. The Sound Quality on High-Resolution Audio become Sharp Sound. Its Earphones are very Comfortable to Use For a Longer Period without Feeling Irritation & Pain in Ear.


Portronics is One Of The Leading Technology Gadgets brands in India. It Holds Top 10 Rank in India From Last 10 Years. Its Main Focus Sector is to Inspire You with Its latest Technology Experience at a Very Reasonable Price. It Launches Multi-variant Products to Offer Customer a Wide Range Of Choice.

Its Product has a Simple & Professional Design with Ear-friendly Designs. Its Earphone Wire is Tangle-free & provides In-line Wire Mic. Its prime Focus on Best User Experience at a Reasonable Price & Satisfied Customer Service. Its Custome Feedback Rating is Also Vary From 3.5 to 4.6 rating Out Of 5.

As I Remember, Two Years Ago, I Purchased Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which was too Durable ThanOther Brands Speaker I Ever Used. Whereas, Their battery Life was too Good. I will Share My Complete Experience In a Separate Post About Protronics Speaker. Overall, Its Product is Good to give You a Durable Experience, Especially In Terms Of Wireless Gadgets.

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