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As technology advances daily, we moved from wired to wireless, and Now Wireless Devices Goes Smallest.

The earbud is one of the Incredible inventions in wireless audio devices. It uses a Bluetooth connection to communicate with each other earpiece to Your Phone, Laptop, iPad, & Other Audio sources.

If You are a Music Freak or Used to Listening to podcasts, Audiobooks & Others in your Daily Routine, Than This Device is Pretty much helpful for you.

Apart, From All Of Its Features, One Issue which caused headaches faced by every earbud user. That Issue is suddenly one side earbud unable to pair each other, or only one side earbud is working.

There are lots of reasons behind work & Another one stay unpaired or no activity shows. All kinds of possible problems & It’s Solution You Can Find Here.

Table of Contents

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1. Restart Your Phone

When Phone isn’t Restart From Longer Period, sometimes Phone Behaves Abnormally And many Functionality & Services Stop Working. Many This Problem Happens With Bluetooth. Hence, Restart Your Phone. Most Of The Time This Method Works To Resolve This Only One Earbud Work Issue.

2. Try To Pair With Another Earbud

In This Method, Connect Your Phone With Another Earbud & Check Whether Everything Okay or Not. If Everything is Fine with Another Earbud. Then There Is A Issue with Your Earbud. Follow the Steps Described Below to Resolve Only One Earbud Work Issue.

Suppose You Found the Same Issue With Another Earbud, too, Than There is an Issue with Your Phone Setting. In such a case, You should have to Check Sound Setting & Third-Party App. All This Method Described Below.

3. Turn Your Earbud Off & On Simultaneously

If Your Problem Isn’t Solve By Restarting Your Phone, Then Follow This Step.
Keep Your Both Earbud into The Case At A Time. Wait For Few Seconds And Check Both Earbud Support Charging Properly.
Now Keep Out Both Earbud Simultaneously From Case And Keep Both Earbud Clouser For Few Seconds. They Will Pair Each. Remember to Turn Off Bluetooth Of Your Phone While Performing This Step. Because Sometimes, One Working Earbud Connected Instantly with Your Phone. And Another Earbud Face Technical Difficulty While Pairing Each Other.

If Above Method Also Not Working, Then Turn Off Your Both Earbud Simultaneously By Pressing Power Button For Few Seconds. Now Turn On Both Earbud Simultaneously. And Wait For Few Seconds. After that, they will Pair Each Other. After That, You can Connect Your Earbud to Your Phone Via Bluetooth.

4. Unpair Earbud From Phone Bluetooth Setting

In This Method, You Have To Unpair Earbud From Phone. To Unpair Your Earbud, Go To Setting. Then Go To Bluetooth Setting. Tap On Your Earbud LListed in Paired Device List. Now Tap On Unpair Option to Successfully Unpair Your Earbud.

Now Put Your Both Earbud In Charging Case And Wait For Few Seconds. After That, Keep Out Both Earbuds Simultaneously. Now pair Your Earbud with Your Phone And Connect. Now Play Any Song To Check Only One Earbud Work or Both.

5. Check Mono Headset Setting

Many Smartphone Gives Option In Their Setting To Use Your Mono Earbud Only. Many Time It’s Beneficial & many Time It Makes Hassel.

Sony Earbud Brand Also Provide Their App to Use Their Earbud Effectively. Inside That App, You can Find Mono Option, Which Allows You To Use Your Only Single Earbud.

So, First, Go To the Bluetooth Setting Of Your Phone & Check Mono Option. If It is Enabled, then Disable It. If Mono Option isn’t Available in Your Bluetooth Setting, Make Sure You aren’t Using Any Third-party App For Your Earbud. If You are Using Third-party App, Then Follow Method Described Below.
If You Installed Any Third-party App for Your Earbud. Then Open That App and Search Mono Option. If Mono Option is Enabled, then Disable It First. Now Turn Off the Bluetooth Of Your Phone & Restart Your Earbud. Wait For Few Seconds And Let Both Earbud pair Each Other First. Then Pair & Connect Earbud To Your Phone.

6. Check Sound Setting For Sound Balance

In Audio Setting, You Can Find An Option that shows the Balance Of Audio Output. It is a Helpful Setting When Your One Audio Device Goes Damaged And Stop Working Due To Some Reason.

In That, You can Change Sound balance Towards Left or Right to Get Proper Sound From Your One Working Side Audio Output Device. But Sometimes It Creates Hassel If It is Changed Unknowingly Due To Some Reason. It may Cause Also Low Sound From One Earbud Comparison To Another One.

To Find Sound Balance Setting, Follow This Steps:-
  1. Go to Setting
  2. Now Go to Accessibility
  3. Now Click On Hearing Enhancements
  4. Now You can See the Adjustment Cursor Of Sound In the Left/Right Sound balance Section.
If Sound Balance Cursor Towards Any Side Than Put Cursor in Middle. Now Play Any Music to Check Audio Output From Only One Earbud Work or Both.

7. Check Earbud Pair Goes Exchanged

If You Have Two Earbuds Of Same Model & Brand. Or There is Another Similar Looking Earbud In Your Home. Then Chances Is Very, Very High They Are Gonna Exchanged By Mistake. You Can Try to Pair it with Another Earbud & Find Your Correct pair Earbud in such a case.

8. Reset All Setting

Make A Backup Before Proceeding This Method

Follow This Method Only When You Get the Same Issue After Connecting With Another Earbud too—and Not Worked Above Described Methods.

Sometimes Any Setting Changed Unknowingly Via Phone Setting or Third-Party App You Installed Due to Some Reason, Which Takes Access Of Your Setting.
To Reset Setting Of Your Phone Follow These Steps:-
  1. Go To Setting.
  2. Now Go To General Management
  3. Now Tap On Reset
  4. Now Tap On Reset All Setting
  5. Now It will Ask For Your Approval & Verification. Just Finish It & Proceed.
  6. It’s Done!
It will Take Few Minutes To Reset All Settings. Don’t Perform Any Activity with Phone During Operation Processing. After Finishing Reset, Connect Your Earbud & Check Only One Earbud Work or Both.

It's Time to Contact Customer Service

If Above All Methods isn’t Works. Now It’s Time to Contact To Your Earbud Company Customer Care. There is Most Probability There should be Manufacturing Issue with Your Earbud if Your Earbud is In Warranty Then You will Get Easy Replacement.

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